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The Last Dance

The Last Dance, an original oil painting by Theo Michael

The Sun was beating down

On my neck and on my arms

He stood there watching eagerly

at my feet and feminine charms.


I was having my weekly lesson

As always on the beach

He said it was quiet here

making it easier to teach.


He watched as I danced

Whilst telling me what to do

“Lift your arms up higher” he said

“Don’t forget to follow through”


I danced to the front of him

And I danced to his side

His hands were behind his back

Did he have something to hide?


No, no, no,” he shouted

You are doing it all wrong,

Point your toe further forward

Try to make your leg look long”.


I did as he asked of me

I stretched and pointed away

But still I kept on stumbling

This was not my day!


He looked at me angrily

His forehead in a frown

“Do you WANT this to be your ‘last dance’

You are dancing like a clown!”


I knew he was right

I wasn’t doing well

At one point as I danced

I very nearly fell.


Then suddenly I saw it

He was holding a knife!

Was this to be my ‘last dance’

Was I dancing for my life?


He stepped closer to me

He told me to keep still

I froze on the spot

And gave in to his will.


He came even closer

We stood face to face

Then he knelt down at my feet

And with his hand my leg he traced.


Slowly he ran his hand up my leg

Until it was up quite high

Then with his knife my dress he slit

All the way to my thigh.


“There, that’ll do it!”

He stepped away proud of what he’d done

“Try it now from the top” he said

It’s time to have some fun.


I started to dance once again

I held my head up high

I saw him glancing at my legs

I smiled and looked him in the eye.


So, there you have it friends

In life you only have one chance

He was smiling broadly

It wasn’t to be my ‘last dance’.

The Last Dance, an oil painting by Theo Michael 
with an accompanying poem 
by Chris Christodoulou 18.11.2017

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