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Larnaca Now and Then – A Story Told by Paintings

The vibrant seaside city, Larnaca, is something of a hidden gem on the beautiful island of Cyprus. With the captivating seafront promenade of endless palm trees, the iconic St Lazarus Church and the historical Kamares (arches) -  there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

 St. Lazarus Church in Larnaca Cyprus, an original oil painting by Theo Michael
St. Lazarus Church in Larnaca

To ensure the true beauty and essence of the city is kept forever, Theo Michael has dedicated an entire series to his honoured island turning a single painting into a scene out of a movie, with the use of his life-like paintings.

 The mastermind behind the paintings, Theo, only truly began to paint professionally when he moved to the island and fell in love with his parent’s home-town; Larnaca. He wanted to share the beauty with all the patriots and tourists that have the pleasure of walking its path taking his hobby for art to another level. To make you see the pure beauty in its essence, Theo put paintbrush to paper and formed these iconic pieces that capture Larnaca’s roots.

 Here we take a look at the photo realistic paintings,  ideal for your living room

 To give you a true feeling of what the island was like in the 1950s, this cinematic painting will take you back in time to Athinon Avenue. Back then; the 600-meter long seafront had a single row of palm trees dividing the beach and road, marking a much simpler life than today’s vibrant city centre.

 Athinon Avenue a Black and White painting by Theo Michael
Athinon Avenue

We then move on to Ermou Street showing a much simpler time of how the locals moved around. With rows of high-street stores, this iconic street no longer looks this peaceful; but to keep the memory alive, Theo created this black and white painting.

 Ermou Street, a Black and White painting by Theo Michael
Ermou Street

If you are looking for natural landscape paintings for your living room, look no further than this traditional Mediterranean shot that captures the natural rays of the summer sun beaming on the dilapidated building. If you look a little deeper, you’ll spot the famous mountain Stavrovouni in the background, which is home to the most sacred monks – another staple in the deep-rooted history of the island.

 Stavrovouni, an oil painting by Theo Michael of the Cypriot landscape near Larnaca

To get a feel for the everyday locals, you can find a seasoned watermelon seller perched on the side of the road trying to flock his stock. Whilst, another painting bodes a shepherd and his dog taking a stroll near the Romanesque arches near the heart of the city.

 And if you thought that the nightlife was forgotten, you’d better think again! Theo truly captures the romance of Al Fresco dining, with this ambient lighting and dreamy image based at the infamous Art Café 1900 which is tucked away in the side streets of Larnaca – showing how love and life are never forgotten and truly celebrated on the island of love.

 Cafe At Night, an oil painting by Theo Michael, featuring the Art Cafe in Larnaca
Cafe At Night

 What’s common throughout the series is the unique, realness that each painting portrays; with each stroke, the artist Theo Michael manages to shed light on his realistic characters bringing their personalities to life. As you analyse each one, you can find a similarity– making a real attachment to the art and the history behind it.

 To get a glimpse of the artist’s home, his life and his inspirations, and see the phenomenal paintings in flesh, head down to ‘Larnaca’s best-kept secret’ (labelled by Time Out Magazine) and let your imagination run wild with these vivid and illuminating pieces of art that cover the walls of the quaint studio that hides behind the town centre.

 You can even get to meet the man behind the paintings himself, have a chat whilst enjoying the art flooding the interconnecting rooms with different collections, colour pallets and ambiences. And, if you really like a piece, you can buy a print, a postcard, umbrellas, calendars or a compilation of images in a beloved book to take home and remember the special part of the city that stole your heart!

 An article by guest writer Joanna Zambas 02.09.2018

Find Art by Theo Michael here:

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