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Original Black and White Rough Studies

Watercolour original sketches by Theo Michael

Be original - buy original 

A fine collection of original sketches by Theo Michael.

What is a sketch? A sketch is a rough drawing or painting which is often created to assist in planning a more finished painting.

Theo's sketches have an intrinsic beauty of their own, standing up in their own right as finished paintings. Each sketch is unique and of course there is only one original of each available. 


5 out of 5 stars

The Gift

'''The Gift' watercolour is a wonderful addition to my collection of your paintings. As a born Londoner in the 60's, my late father who loved your paintings would be so proud it was gifted from him to me and my wife. This is now a loving memory of my father and his duties as an officer of the beat around the Piccadilly area.''

12th February 2020, Philip L., Wales UK, original watercolour sketch The Gift

 Original watercolour sketches by Theo Michael