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Art Noir Fine Art Prints by Theo Michael

The Private Eye an original film noir style oil painting by Theo Michael

Theo's artwork has been strongly influenced by the cinema. His paintings are often reminiscent of old classic movie posters and always tell a story. You will recognise many Film Noir aspects in Theo’s wall art, such as a sultry femme fatale and reluctant heroes, often clad in trench coats, suits and fedoras.
The use of shadow and light creates suspense and intensity in Theo’s Art Noir paintings, evoking feelings of nostalgia which will add mystery and timeless style to your home.

Film Noir style wall art in the making...

It is dark... it is night... watch a short video of the artist at work creating the painting Art Noir, Pianist On The Roof.

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5 out of 5 stars

1900 *****

’’I have admired this painting for many years while eating in 1900, and then got to meet Theo in his studio and couldn’t resist buying a copy for our apartment in Cyprus. It looks absolutely stunning.''

3rd February 2017, Steve from England on Art Cafe 1900