A Gift For You...

 If you enjoy what you are seeing, here is a free gift for you. 

When was the last time you received a greeting card through the post?

We have a beautiful greeting card for you, posted to your home with our compliments.

A beautiful card, because every time you look at it, it simply makes you feel good. It might remind you of your summer holidays, the warm Mediterranean sunshine on your skin and long evenings sitting outside under a clear sky. 
Or perhaps it brings back memories of a romantic evening in a traditional Greek Taverna.

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 You may wonder why we give away our greeting cards?

The answer is simple, we love sharing our artwork, and that is why we invite you to join our newsletter to keep in touch. You will see the latest studies and finished oil paintings first hand, exiting artwork that captures love, life and Larnaca. 
If you love the artwork, as thousands of our customers do, you will also be one of the firsts to hear about our competitions and special offers.
And if this complimentary greeting card brings the occasional smile to your face, it will make us very happy too. 

What are you waiting for?

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We Love Sharing Our Fine Art Prints

We love sharing our artwork and want you to experience the quality of our fine art prints for yourself. Request a unique sample print today and we will post it to you with our compliments.