Every Wall Needs A Story. What happens at sundown....

Every Wall Needs A Story. What happens at sundown....

...two characters walking towards you, silhouetted against the red sky, a beautiful sunset up in the hills, the perfect spot for some mystery and intrigue. Sinister or harmless, perhaps you can let us know.

Theo's latest painting, The Evening Stroll oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm

Are these two characters up to mischief or simply good friends taking an evening stroll. Every picture has a story, we would love to hear your take on this.




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Anja, thanks for the comment. If I think of any more stories – sorry, I should say if any more of Theo’s paintings inspire a story, I’ll let you know. :-)

Barbara Strain

I believe they have been up to no good. They are friends and I think they are returning from burying the body of one of their wives.

Anna Lewis

What a fabulous story Barbara, you kept us in suspense all the way through until the very end.
Yep, now we know what happened at sundown.
Theo was really impressed and asked if you have any more stories to tell? Feel free to keep them coming as you may have noticed our slogan is, Every Wall Needs A Story.

Anja Michael

Here’s my story:
Two men reach the brow of the hill, the setting their figures silhouetted against the setting sun. Heads cast down, hands in pockets, they were deep in thought.
They stopped and turned back, towards the town.
‘The end of another hot day,’ said one.
‘Ha, in many ways, Josh.’
‘True, Jake, but it will be worth it at the end.’
Jake looked up to the taller man. ‘I just feel so…responsible.’
Josh smiled grimly, ‘Yup, that’s three now, counting Emily, all your responsibility brother mine.’
‘I just wish I’d…’
‘What, it’s a bit late for regrets now,’ said Josh, leaning against the trunk of a tree.
‘I know, but, well, Josh…’
‘Hey, it’ll be OK. Doc says he’ll make sure everything’s OK.’
‘Easy for Doc to say that, Josh. He’s just a cool character; don’t know how my heart aches.’
The sound of a thin wail on the air made Josh look up. He inclined his head towards town, where the lights were coming on in the windows of the nearest house. ‘Sundown,’ he said, ‘Just as he said. And the lights are all on, as agreed Best get back now.’
Jake looked up too. And smiled. ‘I guess Doc did alright, then.
‘Yup, all safe and done. Congrats, brother, you are the father of twins.’

Barbara Strain

Getting into trouble with my children for so many pics on the wall. Tough, Theo’s work is too good to have one or two copies. Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. Got to wonder if these two are returning after getting up to no good or are they on their way to get up to no good? You can make up the story yourself and then the picture becomes a little more personal.

Mark Johns

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