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Cyprus Life, where most restaurants offer no roof above your head for nine months of the year.
These restaurants are often near the beach, and your dining experience may be interrupted by the noise of the sea. Sometimes you even need a cardigan to guard against a breeze tainting the air with the odour of wild jasmine and such like plants.
Dimly lit by the stars above your head it’s hard to see what you are eating. If you are lucky, there is a full moon. This is Cyprus and we love it.
Paintings to fall in love with, paintings you will want to live with.

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Cafe and Restaurant paintings, the story...

I opened the envelope, then the second one, and then the third.  And surprise surprise, all three letters contained the same greeting card image! Was this a conspiracy or some peculiar plot hatched by my sisters? 
What are the chances, receiving exactly the same greeting card of Van Gogh's Cafe At Night three times as a birthday greeting, especially as they were the only cards I had received that year. 
As a painter I took this as a sign and decided my next project should be a Cafe style painting. Many Cafe and restaurant paintings later this collection came together for you to enjoy.

5 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT  ***** ''Very efficient and quick postage. I have brought three items on 3 separate occasions for my mum and I will get her another one shortly as she loves the paintings''
1st April 2019, Amanda H.from U.K. on Beach Quartet, Lady In Red

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