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About the artist Theo Michael

Theo Michael
Theo was born in Cyprus but grew up and lived in London for most of his life.
In 2005 he found himself at a loose end - not old enough to retire but too old to consider seeking further employment, he decided to become an artist, something he was particularly good at. The alternative was to become a cardsharp - something else he showed talent for, especially as he’s often been asked to entertain at restaurants and parties, but the arts seemed to be a safer option. With the money saved on quitting a forty-a-day habit, he bought himself some brushes, paints and many how-to paint books, and embarked on his new career in Cyprus.
Starting from scratch his first priority was to build up a body of work. Struck by the beauty of the island he took his inspiration from his direct surroundings which he interprets in a nostalgic and narrative way. His emerging artwork has been strongly influenced by the Film Noir genre and is often reminiscent of a cinematic movie poster. His iconic work is deeply atmospheric, creating a sense of mystery that keeps the viewer returning again and again to the canvas.
The team behind Art by Theo Michael, Theo's studio in Larnaca Cyprus

Theo is now passionately working on new ideas with his wife Anja in their Larnaca studio. Anja is his most fervent critic who keeps matters organized, as Theo has been slow to join the 21st century and still sees no need to possess a mobile phone. Instead you will often find him with a chess set by his side, painting and playing simultaneously with friends across the globe. He also fascinates anyone who shows an interest in his 52 mates, the pack of playing cards that are always in his pocket, by unerringly locating cards that they have merely thought of.
As you might gather there are plenty of surprises in store when visiting Theo's and Anja's studio in Larnaca, and one thing is certain, a friendly welcome is always on the cards.

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