What kind of painting gives you joy?

The answer to this question lies within you. If a piece of artwork connects with you on an emotional level, creating feelings that you long for and want to preserve, then do read on.

Theo's paintings allow you to connect emotionally, sparking not only engaged conversation, but also your imagination to take you on your own private journey. Whether a paintings takes you back to a long lost memory, or a more recent experience, they always invite your mind to visit a beautiful place. 

An original oil painting connects you directly to the artist. Every stroke of paint, sometimes smooth and flowing, other times rough and revealing, contributes to the creation of a timeless and unique piece of art work. Many of Theo's paintings find themselves in private collections all over the world, but many are still available. So if there is a particular image that speaks to you, and puts a smile on your face every time you glance at it, use the contact form below to get in touchto find out more about owning an original oil painting by Theo Michael.

What our art collectors have to say....

''I received the painting yesterday... just beautiful... I cannot stop looking at it.''

Lelia P. Pennsylvania, USA February 20, 2021 for the oil painting Cafe At Night.

 oil painting Cafe At Night an original artwork by Theo Michael


 ''...we’ve hung the Dancers in the bedroom and are thrilled with the work.... Theo, you are a remarkable artist! Thanks once again for the painting and the gifts! We shall treasure them. Warmest wishes,  Tom and Serena''  

Serena R., Perth, Australia October 6, 2020 for the oil painting Moonlight Dancers

oil painting Moonlight Dancers by Theo Michael


'' The endless pursuit of romance

The original of his painting served as the perfect wedding anniversary present and to me it represents the endless pursuit of passion and romance. It now proudly decorates our house in Maida Vale, London not far from the place where Theo started his artistic career.''

Aleksander P., London, UK April 27, 2016 for the oil painting Romance Isn't Dead

 Customer collecting his oil painting Romance Isn't Dead from Art by Theo Michael


How to find out which original oil paintings are available

Browse our Shop to find out if a painting has sold or is available to buy. In the product descriptions you will find the information if the original painting belongs to a private collector or is still available. For purchase enquiries please contact our studio directly.

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