oil painting The Barber Shop by Theo Michael

An intimate scene, The Barber Shop Painting

Walking the streets, who can resist the opportunity of peeking through a lit window into an intimate scene. Especially at night time, hiding in the shadows, feeling safe and anonymous, you can look in freely and uninhibited.
Perhaps it is simply a matter of curiosity, or looking to get information, which captures our attention.
Theo caught this voyeuristic moment beautifully in his painting titled, The Barber Shop At Night. It features a professional at work, sharpening his knife only inches away from his victim... oops client. 

Oil painting The Barbershop by Theo Michael
The Barber Shop At Night oil on canvas 60cm x 40cm

This painting has been in the making for several years. On our evening walks we have been passing this local Barber Shop frequently, and taken many photos. Perhaps it was the little scooter, precariously parked by the window, that added the charm and finally prompted Theo to settle on this composition and complete the project. 

Kleftiko is served...

As the lock down has been easing, we are the envy of our family and friends, having the Mediterranean sea and the beach almost to ourselves.
Also, not surprisingly, the fact that we can dine outdoors day and night, the idea of a Greek barbecue, Meze or Kleftiko is sorely being missed by them. 
This inspired the rough sketch and colour study below, Kleftiko Is Served.
Two men working the hot clay ovens, tending the meat for the evening restaurant's guests. 
Watercolour painting by Theo Michael, Kleftiko oven
 Kleftiko Is Served  colour study and black & white sketch 35cm x 45cm

Most Cyprus fans will be familiar with the traditional dish of Kleftiko. An intriguing story lies behind the meaning of the word. Kleftiko means 'stolen' and the word for thief is Kleftis in Greek. The name of the dish refers to an ancient practise of goats or sheep being stolen, and for the meat to be cooked for several hours in a hole in the ground. The hole was sealed with mud to prevent any smoke from giving the 'Kleftis' away.

The Pin Up, Lady On The Sofa

A well dressed foreign man walked out with disappointment when we had no 'nacked' painting in stock. Theo was perplexed. It took him quite a few minutes to realise that this customer was looking for something for the bedroom. 
watercolour sketch lady reclining on sofa by Theo Michael
 Lady On The Sofa  black & white sketch 30cm x 50cm

Not to get caught twice, he created this Boudoir study of a semi dressed woman, incorporating the glamour and fashion of that genre. Boudoir art takes its cues from French history, portraying their subjects in their most raw and private form. It allows for a glimpse into what usually goes unseen. 

The Voyeur in us...

It is time to dust and put away the telescope and the binoculars, remember the Hitchcock classic The Rear Window?
The modern way of snooping, sorry browsing,  is to go online and  join the social media circus. 
So take care, Big Brother is watching....

On that note, stay safe, and until next time. 

Anja & Theo 
From our newsletter July 2020
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