Cafe Painting, girl with umbrella by Theo Michael

Cafe With A View

Greetings from Larnaca's promenade. It was Roy Orbison's classic song of the 60's, Pretty Woman, which inspired Theo's latest painting, featuring a cafe located on Larnaca's famous palm tree promenade, Finikoudes.
Sitting in the sun in the company of friends idling time away, the locals' view to the sea has the added attraction of a pretty woman walking by.
'Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah....'
It is rumoured that the cafe's owner pays her to walk by every day, they say the business has doubled ever since.

Umbrella Painting

Cafe Painting, girl with umbrella by Theo Michael
Cafe With A View oil on canvas 80cm x 40cm

The painting Cafe With A View, features a  young woman with a white parasol protecting her eyes from the sun. Enjoying the attention, she can't resist a smile.
The twelve men in the background all have their own story to tell. You can read all about it in this short fictional, and almost true tale, by clicking HERE.

The rough stuff, the Bouzouki Player...

Did you know that many artists after finishing a detailed project, like the cafe painting above, burn themselves out. They often are not sure what to do next, and where to find inspiration.
As for Theo, he re-purposes himself by switching from oil to a new medium, in this case watercolour. It is like a new challenge helping to clear his mind. 
Like going out for a long drive, or taking an unscheduled break, it injects fun which leads to inspiration and hopefully new ideas.
watercolour painting bouzouki player by Theo Michael
The Bouzouki Player  two watercolour studies
These rough watercolour sketches above of the Bouzouki Player are an example, and depending on the feedback, they may lead to a larger full scale oil painting.

Check Mate...

With much time on our hands during the lockdown, Theo introduced me to the world's number one board game, Chess!
After much studying on my part, we've been batting it out for the last few months. Grand masters we ain't, but it's immense fun. Every game seems to go in my favour and then, like Houdini, Theo escapes and finds great pleasure in declaring check mate; the battle continues....
A chess painting by Theo Michael

It seems life is like a game of chess, to succeed, first you've got to make your move.
On that note,
stay safe, and until next time. 

Anja & Theo
From our newsletter August 2020
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