Freshly ground coffee served all day...

Freshly ground coffee served all day...

The Cafe

High streets are full of coffee houses, and the coffee culture shows no sign of losing flavour (no pun intended).
The coffee shop is the number one meeting point for many people, for example Theo's family tends to meet up at the Muffin Break. And still for many others it has become the 'Home Office' for online workers, especially during the pandemic.
Theo's latest painting, The Cafe, features a beautiful woman amongst many men. Her presence is a reminder of the traditional Greek culture, where only men were allowed in the kafeneio (coffee shop), idling time away with small talk, playing cards, backgammon, checkers and, as featured in the painting below, chess.

Cafe painting by Theo Michael, The Cafe
The Cafe, oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm
If you are wondering why Theo included so many figures in this painting. He recently watched the mini series Leonardo on Amazon and was impressed by the figurative arrangement of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. He wanted to add more people to the canvas, but ran out of steam.

The Ghost of Kourion...

For this watercolour painting Theo focuses on Kourion, which was an important ancient city-state and is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus.
The amphitheatre of Kourion was built around the end of the second century BC and could sit up to 3500 spectators. 
Some of the spectators have turned up early, looking to take front row seats for the first performance of The Ghost Of Aphrodite, the most famous Greek goddess of love.....
watercolour painting amphitheatre Kourion by Theo Michael
Watercolour painting, The Ghost Of Kourion 33cm x 42cm

Humour is the best medicine...

They say laughter brings a lot of health benefits. So for this month Theo has come up with a couple of light hearted watercolour sketches. The first is called The Two Scoops and shows the hazardous duties of the long arm of the law along the windy Cyprus seafront.
The second sketch is called, Who's The Boss and if you have a dog, you'll probably know the answer to that.
watercolour paintings by Theo Michael
The Two Scoops & Who's The Boss, two watercolour paintings

One large scoop please...

If you enjoy an ice cream cone as much as we do, here is a Jedi mind trick that almost always guarantees a bigger portion. Timing is crucial. When you are ordering your scoop, look the sales assistant straight in the eye, and say with a friendly but confident voice, 'one laaarge (insert your choice of flavour here) scoop please', whilst drawing, in the air with your finger, a large circle to indicate the desired size of your portion. 
If executed precisely, it works every time. 

Enjoy your scoop, take care and until next time,

 Anja & Theo
From our newsletter June 2021 
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