Art by Theo Michael is featured in the Cobalt airline magazine, Larnaca Through The Eyes Of An Artist

Cobalt The Inflight Magazine featuring Art by Theo Michael

Look what the postman brought us today...

Art by Theo Michael is featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

COBALT AIR, a Cypriot airline based in Larnaca, is currently featuring Art by Theo Michael in their Inflight Magazine and we have just received a copy of the article through the post.

Next time you are flying with COBALT look out for the feature on Art by Theo Michael titled Larnaca Through The Eyes Of An Artist in the COBALT Magazine. 

An article on Theo Michael, Larnaca Through The Eyes Of An Artist, in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

Not travelling with COBALT in the near future? Read the complete article here: 

Art by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

His work is unique, cinematic and very personal. With the British Cypriot artist Theo Michael it is all about the story.

Characters, larger than life, find themselves in contemporary scenes of present day Larnaca;  an elegant couple on a balcony overlooking the seafront promenade, a mysterious stranger treading through the rain with a bunch of roses in his hand, a man and a woman in deep conversation over looked by a stranger perhaps eavesdropping.

Balcon With A View, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine
 Characters that could be taken straight out of a movie set.  Do they know each other? What are their plans, thoughts and aspirations? These are questions that arise in the viewers mind and keep the spectator returning to the canvas again and again. When asked about his subject matter Theo reflects:

‘I paint the world as I see it, or at least how I would like to see it.’

The painting The Last Dance has its own story to tell. It is the fourth and Theo’s final painting of dancers by the beach, hence the title The Last Dance. A certain ambiguity will not escape the viewer once he or she spots the knife hidden behind the male dancer’s back. If there is a dark side to this painting, who is the victim?

The Last Dance, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

Is the lady in red a beautiful angel, or a sorceress, with the man dressed in white a mere pawn under her spell?  Whatever story lies behind this painting? The new owner who fell in love with it was compelled before his purchase, to consult a psychiatrist’s opinion. His mind was put at rest when she interpreted the stance of both dancers as amicable and good-natured.

Romance Isn't Dead, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

Theo likes to have fun with his work, painting a world how he sees it in his mind of mysterious men and beautiful women, creating characters that evoke a feeling of nostalgia and intrigue, he readily admits:

‘My paintings are less about technique or the application of the paint, it is more about the story.’

Moonlight Dancers, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

A strong influence of the classic movie theatre is evident in Theo’s paintings, in particular the Film Noir genre of the 1950’s; but it all started a long time ago when he found himself as a five year old boy in England, confronted with a new language and an unknown culture.

Serenade, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

 As a Cypriot boy arriving in London in the 1960’s he had never seen a television set, bus or train. Walking straight into a glass door of a department store was a painful early experience of his new life.  It wasn’t long before Theo took inspiration from the visual media of the day, American comics, subway posters and the cinema. He was drawing early in life. It wasn’t until 45 years later in 2005, when Theo and his wife Anja moved back to Cyprus that he chose painting as a profession.

Life as an artist in Cyprus wasn’t all plain sailing. The first few years saw Theo and Anja dabbling with a gift shop, whilst offering portrait lessons on the side street next to their little shop. It all changed when Harry was looking for a new home.

Theo Michael's art studio in Larnaca featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

Harry was the resident cat in a handsome dwelling in central Larnaca. The current tenant, a sculptor, had vacated the premises, leaving Harry the cat to his own devices.

When a desperate plea to give Harry a new home caught Theo’s and Anja’s attention, they didn’t hesitate to step in. How could they, the prize was the prospect of a beautiful and handsome house.

It was a house with high ceilings and wide open space of interconnecting rooms, the ideal place for a studio and gallery to show of the increasing body of work that Theo had created since his arrival in Cyprus. Today Theo’s gallery displays his original work, reproductions on canvas and fine art paper, as well as calendars, greeting cards and Theo’s book, aptly titled Romance Isn’t Dead.

When asked what Theo enjoys doing in his spare time, he struggles to comprehend the question. ‘I paint’ is his answer. Compelled to work every day of the week he appreciates being fortunate to have a job he loves. 

‘I try to work every day. I believe about 90% of people are in the wrong job. I am fortunate, I love what I do and hopefully this shines through in my work.’

Blue Door In Summer Light an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

It is clear that Theo sees the world in a different light, quite literally. If there is one aspect that unites all of his paintings, it is the effect of light on his painting subject; the bright Mediterranean sunshine creating a dappled effect on a simple blue door, or the nightlight of a street lamp, creating long shadows and strong contrasts in a chosen scene. The series of door paintings are extremely popular with the tourists looking for a souvenir to take home, Theo acknowledges:

Cyprus Blue Door, an oil painting by Theo Michael featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine

 ‘It is not just about the door or the colour of the door. For me it is more about capturing the warmth of the summer sunlight reflecting of it, and the cast shadows it creates.’

 Early morning sunlight streams through the large windows of Theo’s studio, illuminating the artwork which adorns the walls. Peek over the artist’s shoulder and smell the turpentine as Theo mixes his colour palette to get ready for another working day.

The oil painter Theo Michael, featured in the Cobalt Inflight Magazine in his studio

Theo happily shares his latest painting projects and ideas with anyone who is willing to listen. If you are in the area feel free to visit, you will be greeted by Theo and Anja.

Intrigued by Theo’s stories? Read his fictional short tales that accompany Theo’s paintings in Theo’s blog Every Wall Needs A Story.

Taken from an article featured in The Cobalt Inflight Magazine January 2018

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Well overdue you receiving the true recognition you so deserve. i think back you sketched a black and white portrait of my neice christina who sat for you long time ago at the monastery in ayia napa, back in 2007


Hi Chris,
Yes it’s only just come out and we are very grateful and please about the feature.
Thanks for the kind words and see you soon in our studio.

Anja Michael

Theo, Anja, I’ve missed you!!
The magazine must have only recently been published as I didn’t find one when I flew with Cobalt a couple of months ago. It is a great feature and well written and everybody should get a chance to read it. Hope to see you soon.

Chris Christodoulou

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