Cyprus people, The Icon Painter an oil painting by Theo Michael

Cyprus people, the joy of discovering something new

Have you ever encountered something new, and every time you think back on it, you still enjoy that moment?
Perhaps it was the meeting of an extraordinary person, or visiting a special place for the first time. Or maybe it was a thought provoking movie, or as in our case, discovering an inspiring book.  

This book in question, titled Cyprus Remembered, is one of Theo's first encounters of the island of Cyprus. It is a visual chronicle featuring the inspirational work of Reno Wideson, a renowned Cypriot photographer who captured the beauty of Cyprus and its people. 
Reno Wideson passed away recently, and as a tribute, Theo decided to highlight his work to people who don't know of his photographic legacy. Theo pulled out his watercolour set and created these two watercolour paintings from photos of the book Cyprus Remembered

Cyprus people, watercolour paintings by Theo Michael

 Above two old boys, one with his home grown melons, and the other with his dog and a little cat lurking in the shadows. 

Another first encounter, National Gallery Berlin

Have you ever been in a department store where the staff annoyingly follows you around? You feel like an intruder and a sense of uneasiness accompanies your every step. That is how we felt when we visited the Old National Gallery in Berlin.
oil painting The National Gallery Berlin by Theo Michael
Oil painting The Gallery Attendant oil on canvas 40cm x 60cm
Gallery attendants appeared in every room, and a persistent and irritating alarm frequently kept going off in the background. It all explained itself, when in one room Theo attempted to photograph a large Roman wall, and in order to get the whole thing into the frame, he kept stepping back until he almost brushed against the back wall. This time the gallery attendant rushed over and reprimanded him in a loud and firm German voice for getting too close to everything! 
Apparently it was us who repeatedly had set off the proximity alarms in several rooms. 

For Theo's latest oil painting he decided to paint the museum attendant in question, and to introduce more narrative to the artwork, he added a couple of art collectors, celebrating their purchase with a glass of champagne.

A feeling of normality...

Talking of special moments, a favourite of ours is an evening stroll through Larnaca town.
On our walk last night we stopped at a bar, had a chat with the owners, relaying stories.... something we had taken for granted. 
Larnaca promenade an oil painting by Theo Michael
Oil painting Balcony With A View, a view over Larnaca's promenade in Cyprus

Yes, things are almost back to normal, and for anyone who knows the Larnaca town centre, walking in the streets has once again become a hazardous undertaking. 
Only joking, of course we are so pleased to see that life has returned to the streets, the cars, the people and the many sounds that come with it. But there is a little part of us that had enjoyed the quietness and stillness of the past few weeks and there are many things that will be fondly remembered.

Take care, stay safe, and until next time. 

Anja & Theo 

From our newsletter June 2020

Cyprus people, another Cyprus inspired painting you may enjoy

oil painting of Cyprus priest, The Icon Painter by Theo Michael
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