Singing In The Rain inspired oil painting by Theo Michael

Singing In The Rain

Do you have a favourite classic movie that you can watch over and over again?

You would be forgiven for thinking that they don't make them like they used to. It seems the stories were better and easier to follow. Perhaps life used to be much simpler then, and the old movies had a nostalgic feeling to the places and settings that we remember.

The movie Singing In The Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds springs to mind, a true classic that inspired Theo's latest painting:

Dancing In The Rain 

Dancing In The Rain an oil painting by Theo Michael
Dancing In The Rain, oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm
The painting features two male dancers, enjoying the moment. Theo was very particular to retain the spirit and the props, like the streetlight, of the original movie Singing In The Rain.
The dancers have removed their jackets and are not feeling the rain, they are only feeling the music, and yes, they are allowed to keep their hats on.

The flower basket...

I asked Theo to create a watercolour painting for this Easter newsletter. His first thoughts were to capture the tradition of going to church and he came up with this black and white watercolour sketch on the left below. He felt it was a little too stark and decided that it needed colour and switched to a rural and colourful setting for a second version.
The spring sunshine illuminates the rusty old gate and the basket of daffodils. The young lady, with red flowers in her hair, pauses momentarily to embrace the warmth of the summer sun.
Do you have a preference? We can't decide and suspect they both have their own charm.
The Flower Basket a watercolour painting by Theo Michael
The Flower Basket black & white and in colour 30cm x 40cm each

The long good Friday...

If you are celebrating this weekend, we would like to wish you a very Happy Easter.

We are planning a clear out and some DIY ( put off from last year).
If it's anything like last year, we seem to spend more time discussing what to throw out or what to keep and in the end nothing gets done....

In spite of the restrictions, we wish you a pleasant time with your family and hope you'll enjoy the long weekend.

Take care and until next time,

Anja & Theo
From our newsletter April 2021

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The Beach Quartet 

Zorba The Greek inspired oil painting by Theo Michael
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