Homage to the Singing Butler, an oil painting by Theo Michael

Homage to the Singing Butler

 What do you do when you are asked to create a variation of one of Great Britain's most popular paintings of the 1990's, Jack Vetrriano's Singing Butler?
You can quake in your boots as Theo did, or you can attempt to rise to the challenge.
After a little persuasion Theo gave it a shot in his own style and here is the result, fittingly titled Homage to the Singing Butler.

Homage to the Singing Butler, a painting inspired by Jack Vettriano


Several ideas surfaced of how to place and arrange the figures in the painting. Here are some initial studies that show the process of creating the oil painting Homage to the Singing Butler.  Some of these sketches are still available to buy in our Original Watercolour sketches section.



But why paint a recreation of Vettriano's Singing Butler? Well perhaps the umbrellas in the painting gave it away. Homage to the Singing Butler is intended as an umbrella design for a German company, the umbrella specialist Von Lilienfeld.

Umbrella designs inspired by Theo Michael's oil paintings

Von Lilienfeld also selected two more of Theo's images to feature in their new catalogue for 2018 as their new umbrella designs. We are very excited about this development, but we will have to be patient, it will take until September until the umbrellas are ready.

No doubt we will keep you informed.

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