Name that tune...

Name that tune...

Theo's latest painting, a couple reflecting on their life, their hopes and their dreams of what the future might hold in store for them.  A song is playing on the gramophone and this is where we would like your help. We are looking for a suitable name for the tune that is playing on the record player. Perhaps this could become the title for the painting. If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to comment below.

With close inspection you may notice that the painting is not quite finished yet. Theo was burning the midnight oil to meet his deadline of Valentine's Day. As usual, he underestimated the amount of time it takes to capture all the finer details, such as the transparent curtains, illuminated by the midday sun. Well, he almost made it, but first of all we are looking for a title for this painting. So feel free to share your thoughts.

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I feel you…..

I feel the wind……..

I feel the music……

I feel LIFE.

Ashok Kaul

We love these ideas, thank you. One of our favourites a customer mentioned to us is ‘As Time Goes By’. Casablanca springs to mind, adding a bit of a Film Noir connection.


Let the music play, by Barry White


Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


Visions by Stevie Wonder


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