Iconic London oil painting by Theo Michael, Let's Go To Work

Nostalgic London Paintings, greetings from our art studio

The Bus, The Taxi and The Underground...

London is a city perhaps everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is the theme for Theo's latest work and a follow up to his Piccadilly Circus painting from last year.
The new painting is titled Let's Go To Work, after Quentin Tarantino's crime thriller Reservoir Dogs.

London oil painting by Theo Michael, Let's Go To Work

The magnificent architectural buildings of London serve as the setting for the artwork.
Featuring prominently are the capital's most enduring logos, the underground sign, the iconic red bus and the black taxi.


London oil painting of Piccadilly Circus by Theo Michael


Theo grew up in London, and catching the bus and squeezing on the tube, trying to read the evening Standard, were a daily part of life. His only regret for the paintings, there was no room to include a red telephone box, perhaps next time.

Cyprus Watercolour Paintings

Cyprus is an artist's dream, with much culture and beautiful scenery to paint. The constant glow of the summer sun breathes life into any setting.
The first watercolour painting shows an old Mercedes under blue skies on a hot summer's day. Retro or vintage, or perhaps both, in any case Theo's intend was to create a feeling of nostalgia.


watercolour painting, The Old Mercedes by Theo Michael


Doors are a favourite painting subject, and a green door features prominently in the second watercolour painting. You can feel the warmth of the summer sun on the yellow ochre walls. The planter in the foreground adds character and casts warm and vibrant shadows across the painting.


watercolour painting of a Cyprus Green Door by Theo Michael


Mind over mattress....

Having overindulged of late we decided, the rot stops here, and to take up jogging first thing in the mornings. Running trainers have been ordered, hmm, feeling good already.
Just struggling to get up in the mornings....
Mind over mattress to be precise, that's all.

On that note, stay safe, and until next time. 

Anja & Theo 

From our newsletter October 2020

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