Painting Highlights, a short video...

Painting Highlights, a short video...

Our new YouTube Channel is here. It is called - you may have guessed it - Art by Theo Michael.

It is pretty embarrassing but we only have a handful of subscribers to our YouTube channel. Can you help?
We put together a little video to highlight our most popular paintings of the last few years. It is 2 and a half minutes long with a jazzy soundtrack.  Take a look, and if you are signed in to Google, don't forget to subscribe. 



On the actual painting front here is Theo's latest oil painting of a blue door, followed by a water colour sketch.

A Blue Door Romance...

We open our studio door and a ray of sunshine greets us. No, we are not referring to the weather, but a newly wed couple stumbling into our studio with smiles beaming across their faces. This happened not once, but twice last month, married couples deciding to treat themselves to one of Theo's Blue Door paintings. Perhaps it is the Marriage office's  beautiful blue door that puts the thought into their minds, but who are we to argue.

Cyprus Blue Door an original oil painting by Theo Michael

And instead of mumbling an excuse next time he is asked for a Blue Door painting, the joy from these couples was infectious, Theo set himself a deadline last month. Above is the result, door number five titled Cyprus Blue Door 11am .
Of course for him it is more than just a painting of a door. Theo's Mediterranean doors are all about the composition, the architecture, the greenery, and like his favourite artist Edward Hopper, it is all about capturing the effects of summer light on the canvas.

 Life made fabulous...

We decided to take advantage of the Debenhams summer sale. Theo kept himself amused, his artistic mind wondering. He was quite taken how happy the shoppers were, checking the racks, making sure they weren't missing any little gems. The ladies were entering the changing rooms with far too many garments, hoping to be miraculously transformed. Theo noticed a poster which read 'Life made fabulous' and thought how appropriate, and decided to create this little watercolour painting.When I quizzed him what this lady was up to and he said, ''Isn't it obvious, she is there looking to buy a t-shirt.''

A water colour sketch by Theo Michael, Life Made Fabulous

Life Made Fabulous watercolour on paper  30cm x 40cm


Am I pitiful for contemplating this blind date...

We are still having fun with our short stories that accompany Theo's paintings. The tale for the painting Taverna At Night has been particular successful. 

Taverna At Night, an oil painting by Theo Michael of the Vlachos Taverna In Pyla, Cyprus

Find out what happens to our lonely diner at the restaurant by heading over to our short story blog,  Am I pitiful for contemplating this blind date...
Happy reading!

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