paintings for your living room. This is the first out of 5 paintings, titled The Tough Guy Collection

Exciting new paintings for your living room

Follow Theo's journey of creating 5 oil paintings in 5 weeks

Considering that Theo usually takes around two months to finish an oil painting, this is a tough target. The goal is to create five original oil paintings, all sharing a unique cinematic style. To have a chance of meeting the target Theo decided to reduce the size of each artwork and to cut down on detail in the painting, without compromising his unique style.

We are calling the paintings.... The Touch Guy Collection, a  collection of 5 original oil paintings that fit well with Theo's familiar theme of Film Noir artwork.

Painting number one is complete, we even had some time to put it into a complimenting frame. Here it is...

A Summer's Day in London

Paintings for your living room, A Summer's Day in London, an oil painting by Theo Michael

 A Summer's Day in London image size 40cm x60cm

Here are some highlights of the painting process for A Summer's Day in London.....



The Meeting

Week two has passed and here are is a short video for painting number two...  

The Meeting 40cm x70cm

The Private Eye

It's week three and the pressure is on, a change of tactics is required....

Painting three revealed....

The Private Eye 40cm x 80cm

The Last Round, painting number 4

The Last Round 40cm x 70cm

 The Reporter, the final and fifth painting....

The Reporter 40cm x 70cm

The Reporter is the final painting in the set of The Tough Guys, a collection of five paintings in an art noir style. 
The strong contrast of dark and light, the heavy rainfall, and the attire of the characters sit well with Theo's familiar Film Noir style genre. The Reporter, or perhaps we should we call it The Downpour, differs from the first four paintings as it it less photorealistic and leans more towards an abstract painting. 

We enjoyed the challenge, but creating the five paintings did take a little longer than anticipated. No doubt, Theo will enjoy a well deserved rest.... 


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