Original art by Theo Michael, The White Door and Cafe At Night

News from Theo's Art Studio

Here is Theo's first oil painting for 2018, Dance To The End Of Love, a couple dancing the Tango in the shimmering nightlight, just completed in time for Valentine's Day.

Dance To The End Of Love, oil painting by Theo Michael

For Theo creating watercolour sketches are an important step in the artistic process and journey when planning his oil paintings, see. Below you can see the difference between both media.

watercolour sketch and oil painting by Theo Michael of Dance To The End Of Love

 Speaking of artistic journeys what would you like to see more of this year? Doors and Landscapes, or figurative art which tells more of a story?

The White Door and Cafe At Night, original paintings by Theo Michael

Each genre has its own followers, the doors are popular and considered photo realistic, often capturing a moment in time with light and shade. On the other hand the figurative art is popular, with the characters adding nostalgia and romance to the scene. 
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts on this perennial question.
Well, it looks like there is no straightforward answer and both genres are appreciated :-)

Anja Michael

I love all your work Theo. The figurative art is pure escapism. Having visited Cyprus last year in october i am partial to the beautiful doorways and especial the street scene double pannel that was hanging in an Italian restaurant. Love love it. So, doors and street scenes then figurative
Thank you both for your hospitality and sharing your passion for your art.

Mary oleschenko

Theo’s art is professional. His figures are exceptional. They are alive, bringing life and a story to each painting, allowing the imagination to travel. I love nostalgia in today’s difficult world. For this reason, I would like to see more of his figurative work. Congratulations Theo, and well done Anja for your support. Keep up the good work.

Dora Kennedy

I think absolutely anything Theo paints is fabulous! Personally, I like his figurative art more, but I love all his work. Perhaps alternate, do a set of Landscapes/Doors/Nature and then Figurative? Like I said, anything Theo paints is exceptional to me. Good luck to both of you.

Chris Christodoulou

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