The Last Dance, an oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

The fourth and final painting of Theo's Dancing theme

This is it. The Last Dance, Theo's fourth and final dancing painting. This being the case the title is appropriate, but also ambiguous, its meaning left entirely up to you.There has been a lot of discussion with regards to the man holding a knife and what roles these two characters play?

Four oil paintings by Theo Michael of dancing by the beach theme
Notice the beam of light behind the lady in contrast to the dark foreboding sky above the man.This effect inspired an alternative title, Heaven Or Hell, also perhaps quite fitting.
If there is a dark side to this painting, who is the victim? Is our lady in red a beautiful angel, or a sorceress, with the man dressed in white a mere pawn under her spell?

The dancing theme on the beach has been very successful, two originals even sold prior to completion, and it would be tempting to create yet another.But there are many unfinished projects on Theo's list (a scrap sheet of paper usually tugged into his back trouser pocket), and he is keen to push on with new ideas. 

Hats on...
It's not often an artist does a study for a painting that was completed months ago! Well, Theo was disappointed with the response for this oil painting below on the left. Worried about ruining the original, he decided to create a quick monochrome watercolour study adding hats to the characters of the painting.  
Cheers, a Vettriano inspired oil painting by Theo Michael
Should Theo go back and also add hats to the oil painting? Will this enhance the original by adding a sense of mystery and atmosphere?
The interesting thing is, the watercolour sketch was snapped up before the paint was even dry. Perhaps we have our answer.

A most unique and unlikely beginning...

John, a customer, started this some time ago. He was intrigued by Theo's choice of subject matter and sought out all the locations of his paintings first hand. Since then others followed his lead. With a camera in hand they've been visiting Theo's painting locations and gave us the idea for a new blog subject.

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These paintings transport me back to a time of romance and style so dramatic just love them

Doreen Wheeler

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