Art Noir, Pianist On The Roof, an oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

Theo's latest paintings, Art Noir (The Pianist On The Roof)

The pianist is about to play...

Art Noir Wall Art, Pianist On The Roof by Theo Michael
Like many narrative artists Theo is playing film director to create his latest painting.
He decides on his backdrop, the lighting, the characters, and keeps the necessary props to a minimum.

In this scene, or should we say stage setting, the New York skyline serves as the backdrop, the railing creating a clear divide to accentuate the character and grand piano in the foreground.

Our star, in her red evening dress, is lost in her private realm. This could be a scene from a play, but this play is without an audience. What can develop?
In any event, from our perspective, we are in the front row awaiting her dramatic performance.
Art Noir, The Pianist On The Roof is Theo's latest painting. Oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm

Another painting finished this month, which took just a little bit more time to complete is, The E-Type
oil painting, The E Type Jaguar
The E-Type, oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm

Theo used to have a neighbour back in Chobham in the UK, where every Sunday he used to tinker on his E-Type, a bright yellow one. Curiously, we never saw him drive it anywhere? 
Theo feels the same way about this painting. He started it in 2010 and he's been tinkering with it ever since, also feeling it has never gone anywhere. Finally, he's decided it is now finished.
A nostalgic piece, a man and his machine at crossroads in life. Looking into the distance, perhaps to embark on a journey.
That's the fascinating thing about paintings, the narrative or story is up to the viewer to interpret it in his or her own way. 

Last not least, a watercolour sketch inspired by our blog, Every Wall Needs A Story.
There is a timelessness and nostalgic quality in Theo's latest watercolour sketch of a young man hammering away on his mechanical typewriter.

The Writer, a watercolour sketch by Theo Michael, timeless, nostalgic, art noir.

Elvis is in the building....
In Theo's spare time, he and his friend Neil are writing short stories to accompany Theo's paintings. Looking for a publisher, Theo was disillusioned to read that there is more chance of having dinner with Elvis than to publish a book! Discouraged, he decided to stop writing.
Then, one afternoon, looking up from his canvas, Elvis walked into his studio! That surely was a sign to pick up the pen again! 
It needs to be explained that our studio visitor was Mario Kombou, regarded as the best Elvis since Elvis by the newspaper Cyprus Mail.

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Pianist On The Roof an oil painting by the artist Theo Michael
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