Larnaca now and then, The Art Studio of Theo Michael

Larnaca Now and Then

 Larnaca is a vibrant seaside town located on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

Glorious sunshine, aqua blue sea, historical sites steeped in history, and the locals ready to share their warmth and culture, is Larnaca today. A town with an abundance of restaurants and cafes, where the traditional arts still thrive, ready to be discovered in the back streets.

Art by Theo Michael described as the best kept secret in Cyprus by Time Out Magazine

But when the dust has settled, you’ve achieved your ideal suntan and have eaten so much you’re counting calories, and you are looking for something else to do, can we suggest Theo Michael’s art studio and workshop, described by Time Out Magazine as the best kept secret in Cyprus.


Theo Michael's art studio and workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus

The need to look after his ailing parents prompted Theo to relocate from London to Cyprus in 2005. Inspired by the light and architecture he soon began painting his local scenes, and a vast catalogue of Cyprus inspired oil paintings is the result, featuring Larnaca  now and then in a unique and intriguing way.

Theo Michael's art studio in Larnaca consists of five rooms

Today the art studio consists of five large rooms with sun streaming in from all sides. Relaxing background music playing sets an inviting ambience for the numerous paintings displayed on the walls. The art fuses effortlessly the old with the new, representing Larnaca as it was in the 1950's as well as it is now.
You will recognize many places and landmarks in the work which Theo captures in a personal and romantic style.

All paintings have a narrative, for example the shepherd and his dog, gazing out at you in front of the Roman style inspired aqueduct in Larnaca.

The Shepherd at the Aqueduct in Kamares, Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

The seasonal melon seller, with his melons and halloumi cheese basking in the midday sun along the seaside road.

The Melon Seller, an oil painting by Theo Michael

Famous landmarks such as the Church of St. Lazarus, the Pierides Museum and the Salt Lake, are all beautifully brought to life in Theo’s work.

The Pierides Museum in Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

A magnificent series of Blue Door paintings, capture the warmth of summer sunshine, on the flowers, the shrubbery, the ornate metal work, and of course on the striking features of the doors themselves.

Blue Door In Summer Light an oil painting by Theo Michael

The romance of Al Fresco dining in the evening, the ambient lighting, the mood of the diners, painted with a lifelike realism.

Cafe At Night, an oil painting by Theo Michael, featuring the Art Cafe in Larnaca

Black and white paintings for your living room

One of Theo’s most appreciated artworks are the black and white paintings, some inspired by the master Photographers Reno Wideson. These black and white drawings are painstakingly rendered on canvas and have caught the atmosphere of the 1950’s, and are well worth a visit alone.

Athinon Avenue a Black and White painting by Theo Michael

Athinon Avenue, the essence of the 1950’s frozen in time, the one point perspective covering the length of the seafront promenade with a single row of palm trees marking the divide between beach and road.
The cars and the hotels are beautifully rendered on canvas and a focus on the lone cyclist.

Ermou Street, a Black and White painting by Theo Michael

Ermou Street shows the hustle and bustle of the times, but not a single motor car is in sight. Instead bicycles are to be seen aplenty with a focus on a man balancing a huge wicker basket on his shoulders.

Theo Michael's artwork is inspired by the cinema

Theo’s love for the cinema becomes apparent as some of the paintings resemble stills of a classic Hollywood movie.
Larnaca's landmarks feature prominently in Theo’s work, but while the backdrops most often exist, the subjects invariably are figments of his vivid imagination. His images are linked with storytelling and the promise of a deeper probably complex story to follow. Such tales would involve elegant Femme Fatales and shadowy heroes, played out against a backdrop of Larnaca's pier or a moonlit serenade in a narrow street. 

Time & Tide an oil painting by Theo Michael featuring the Larnaca pier

Theo Michael's art studio is a meeting place between fiction and reality

A visit will give insight into Theo’s technique, his inspiration and his body of work. Most of the paintings create curiosity about the many stories that lie behind them and invite further exploration of the island. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration of what to visit and what to see in Cyprus, or just a relaxing afternoon, at Theo’s studio and workshop, you will find yourself at the right starting point with a wealth of original images to explore. It is a worthwhile visit not just for art lovers but anyone who loves Larnaca town and the local area.

And should you fall in love with one of the paintings, the studio offers greeting cards, fine art prints, umbrellas, calendars, a book on a variety of images for you to take home.

Art by Theo Michael is looking forward to welcoming you soon in the studio.

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