Wall Decor For The Kitchen

When it comes to choosing wall art for your home, decorating the kitchen walls is often last on the agenda. This is somewhat undeserved as the kitchen is often seen as the centre of the home.

With the trend to larger kitchens and often open plan designs, the kitchen is becoming a more integrated living space for many homes.

But even if your kitchen has no space for a generous dining table or a breakfast bar, it still deserves inspiring artwork on the walls.

Paintings for the kitchen by Theo Michael

The kitchen is a place where we often share our secrets, our plans for the future, and our innermost desires. Whether talking with your pet, a dear friend or your partner, the kitchen is a place where plans are devised and decisions are made. It deserves to be a beautiful place that inspires you to do great things. 

Wall art for the kitchen

So what kind of wall art would suit this hub of activity, namely your kitchen?

Let’s start with colour choices.

It is well knows that colour affects your mood and state of mind.
In contrast to a bedroom, where you might choose calming colours, such as soft muted pastels of various shades of grey to help you fall asleep, a kitchen demands a bolder approach.

Wall Decor for the kitchen by Theo Michael

Choose vibrant colours and bold designs for your kitchen. Kitchen related images work well and are an easy choice. The framed Fine Art Print of a Wedgewood coffee cup above, is a bold design that invites you to enjoy your morning coffee and sets you off to a good start for the day.
Bright colours such as red, orange and yellow stimulate the mind and perhaps will inspire you to try out new things, a new recipe, hosting that dinner party or just simply enjoying the process of preparing a favourite meal.  

Paintings for the kitchen

Whether you choose an original painting or a Fine Art Print, choose its placement carefully.

It seems obvious not to place a painting above the cooker, but also hanging it above a steamy coffee machine can cause damage to your artwork.

Any area where you would use an appliance that creates steam, excessive heat, or splashes of food, should be avoided as a location.

Original oil paintings are usually coated with a clear coat of varnish which protects the painting to a degree.

Fine Art Prints work well in a frame under glass. Stay away from plexiglass and other plastic options for framing your Fine Art Print. Plastic may not break as easily as glass, but it  scratches far more easily and also attracts dust and tends to yellow with time.

door paintings for the kitchen by Theo Michael

Fine Art Prints above: Blue Door, Cyprus Blue Door and Blue Door In Summer Light

Art For The Kitchen

Giving your artwork for the kitchen a theme creates a harmonized design and works very well for the kitchen. These three door prints above invite the summer sunshine into your home and perhaps evoke some beautiful memories of Mediterranean summer holidays.  

Whatever your choice for your kitchen, as long as it speaks to you and gives you a feel-good factor whilst sipping your morning coffee, you've made the right choice.
So take a closer look at your space and add some colour to your kitchen walls.

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