How to celebrate in style

Did you know, according to Wikipedia, Cyprus is the fortieth  most popular destination in the world with around 4million tourists visiting the island annually.
It is a good reason for Theo to capture the beauty of the island in his work. His latest oil painting focuses on the Caledonian Falls, with a soaked couple, celebrating their anniversary in style.
The guy, somewhat tipsy perhaps, is trying to keep his cool whilst protecting his lady's red shoes. The young woman, not a care in the world, enjoys the moment as she wades through the cooling water.

Britain's Got Talent Finalist 2009

We were pleasantly surprised when Demetri (aka Stavros Flatley) decided to share this short video clip of his son Lagi receiving a watercolour painting from us.
If you haven't seen their original 2009 BGT audition, it's a hoot.
The moment when Lagi burst onto the stage for the first time is iconic and the transformation of the judges' faces is legendary. 

  • The Old Market cocktail bar

    They say indecision is a decision in itself. Do you have a hard time making decisions?
    Theo struggled with the composition for the painting idea below of the Old Market cocktail bar.
    His first idea, three guys in aprons standing out side their bar making cocktails was fun, but perhaps a little bit cliched. So he went back to the drawing board (no pun intended) and came up with a second watercolour painting.

  • Old Market The Girls

    In this new version below you will notice the background didn't change, but he swapped the three guys for the two young women, and instead of making cocktails, the girls are now enjoying them.
    Theo felt more confident that the sensuality and the beauty of the two young ladies would perhaps be more popular and rendered the painting in full colour.
    Which one do you prefer?

  • watercolour sketch The Old Market, a cocktail bar in Larnaca by Theo Michael

    Watercolour sketch, Old Market cocktail bar

  • watercolour painting by Theo Michael, The Old Market a cocktail bar in Larnaca Cyprus

    Watercolour painting, Old Market Larnaca

How cool is that...

Many tourist sites promoting Cyprus feature the main attractions like St Lazarus Church, Temple Of Apollo, Kourion Amphitheatre, Lefkara town, The Aqueduct in Larnaca just to name a few. 
And excitingly enough, a new site in development is including Theo's work by sending out greeting cards of our paintings to their new subscribers.
How cool is that...
On that note, take care and until next time,     
             Anja & Theo

From our Newsletter October 2021

artist Theo Michael at work in his studio and gallery in Larnaca Cyprus

Theo Michael at work in his studio in Cyprus

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