Win a print of Theo's latest oil painting The Anniversary

Win a print of Theo's latest oil painting The Anniversary

Have you ever been out for a meal where things didn't go quite as expected?

If you have had a funny, sad, tragic or otherwise eventful moment in a restaurant, we invite you to share it here in this blog and you could win a fine art print in our Christmas draw.

Here is a tale that happened to us in London:
A few years back we arrived at a restaurant looking forward to a romantic evening. Our order was taken and drinks were served most promptly. Enjoying the atmosphere, and a good hour later when many newly arrived diners were all eating around us, it became quite obvious that our order had been forgotten.
We questioned the waitress who returned several minutes later with an assurance that all was in order, and the food should arrive shortly. This sounded all very reassuring until she claimed with much confidence, 'ordering a filet steak well done does take extra time.'
Instead of simply apologizing for a simple mistake, we endured her lame excuse with a wry smile.

Win this Print (or choose one from our catalogue) 

So if you have a story to tell, in a few sentences post it below, and you will be entered into our Christmas draw to win a fine art print of Theo's latest painting The Anniversary (or any other fine art print of your choice).

The winner will be picked on the 15th of December and announced here in this blog. Good luck!

**** And The Winner Is...... Sandra Naughton, UK **** Congratulations Sandra ****



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My husband and I decided to take my daughter with us to a fancy restaurant one night. My daughter is one of those kids that eats with her eyes instead of her stomach. I seriously am in the supermarket every day as my fridge is always empty. While my husband was waiting for the bill to pay we noticed our daughter was sitting at the table behind us joining in with their dinner. I seriously ended up underneath the tablecloth as I was so embarrassed 😳🙃

Noni Paraskeva

Due to having the kitchen refurbished my husband and I took our daughters to our local .On arrival we were seated and drinks and food ordered.One hour later we questioned the lack if food .Only one other table in they also hadn’t had food!
We were assured it was on it’s way !
Two hours later still no food again assured it was on its way .
Two and a half hours later we were at the bar questioning our order.At that time we were informed they had no chef so disgusted with the service we left !
Annoyingly we still had to pay for our drinks and go home for cheese sandwiches!!!!!!

sandra naughton

Went out for a meal to our favourite restaurant in Pernera.
During the evening I decided to visit the ladies room, fell down a step, flat on my face, skidded across the floor and came to a stop just at the legs of a table of six guests! Don’t do things by half, it was August and the restaurant was packed! There was a huge gasp go round the restaurant and 80 plus guests all with their eyes on me! What did I do? I got up, dusted myself down and walked off to the loo! So embarrassed!

Mary Haskell

Back in the 80’s, we ran a hotel and restaurant in the Midlands in the UK. One evening a young man probably no older than 16/17 booked a table for dinner to impress his young lady on what seemed to be their first date. They both ordered a chicken platter which we normally served with a dish of cold lemon water on the side for dipping fingers in after picking up the chicken. In his eagerness to impress, the young lad promptly picked up the dish and poured it all over his meal as amazed staff fled to the safety of the kitchen to stifle their laughter. Once decorum had been restored, staff returned to the table only to be asked whether we had any more of the delicious sauce!
How do you get out of that?

David Gardner

Some years ago a dinner with my wife turned into a surprise reunion with my brother from Australia. I hadn’t seen him for decades and it turned out to be a magical evening.

Jim Hanson

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