Blowing In The Wind a poem by Chris Christodoulou, painting by Theo Michael

It's That Time Again, The Time You Went Away....

Wall Art by Theo Michael, Blowing In The Wind

It’s that time again
The time you went away
You were taken from me
Even though I begged you stay.
It wasn’t even your fault
As you cycled down the road
He was driving far too fast
No comprehension of the Highway Code.
It’s that time again
Your memory in my mind
It’s that time again
Life can be so unkind.
I wear your clothes you become part of me
And I slowly walk that street
Don’t know what I’m hoping for
Perhaps your spirit I will meet.
I know that could never happen
But I do it any way
Every year when it’s that time again
And it’s that time again today.
The rain is falling and the wind is blowing
As I walk the street with head hung low
I pass the spot where you lay in pain
Oh my Simon I do miss you so.
The rain has eased but the wind does blow
Lifting debris, papers and the such
Hands in pockets and deep in thought
Then on my leg a gentle touch!
I look down and what do I see
A black cat walking at the side of me
Its head was also bowed down low
I wondered where it wanted to go.
I stopped in my tracks
And the cat stopped too
It looked up at me
As if he knew!
Hello cat, enjoying your walk?
How I wished that it could talk.
My heart beat faster as the cat replied
I will always walk by your side!


A Poem by Chris Christodoulou 5.10.2017

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