Car With A View, a short story by Chris Christodoulou accompanying the original oil painting by Theo Michael

Car With A View. Evelyn closed her eyes and let out a little groan...

Car With A View, an original oil painting by Theo Michael, view over Kourion Bay, Limassol

Dr. David Wright slowly opened his eyes as he awoke from his sleep. The first thing he saw was the beautiful face of his wife Evelyn, which was about 6 inches away from his. He watched her as she slept on and thought how at peace she looked. As he studied her, a small tear formed in his eye and rolled down his cheek. David quickly wiped away the tear as Evelyn started to stir.

“Morning darling” said David.

Evelyn didn’t answer, but she smiled and lifted her arm out from under the sheets and put her hand on David’s cheek and stroked it gently.

“How do you feel?” continued David.

Evelyn just closed her eyes and let out a little groan.

Evelyn was sick, very sick. She had a progressive illness that was slowly and painfully killing her. David and all his Doctor colleagues could do nothing for her. Even the pain management was not having any effect. The only time she was at peace was when she slept. This had been going on for over a year now, and nobody could say for sure how long she will suffer before the inevitable.

The tears reappeared in David’s eyes. He got out of bed and walked to the window and opened the curtains. He  stood looking out at the garden. The night before when Evelyn was in extreme pain, David had come to a decision. He would do what Evelyn had been begging him to do for months now. The pain had become so unbearable for her, and to him too, watching her suffer.

“Even animals are put to sleep to ease their pain” she had said, but David couldn’t summon up enough courage to do it. Now he was ready! She must suffer no more! David turned and watched her as she struggled to get dressed.

“Looks like a lovely day, fancy going for a drive out to our favourite place?” he asked.

“Mmm, that would be nice”, she answered.

His plan was to take her to their special place. A place they both loved. It was up high on the cliffs overlooking a beautiful bay with a view to die for. You could see for miles and it had a very calming effect on them both. They would often go up there in their convertible MGB to breath in the air and take it all in.

Evelyn had insisted on driving. When they arrived Evelyn drove the car near to the edge of the cliff.

“Not too close”, said David as he held on tightly to the back of her seat.

Evelyn giggled how he loved to hear her giggle. She edged the car closer and closer to the edge and when she had got as close as she dare, she put on the handbrake and switched off the engine.

“Phew! That was scary” said David smiling at her.

Evelyn giggled again.

They sat and looked out over the bay. Evelyn pointed out the boat bobbing about in the distance.

“This is a car with a view” she laughed.

Forty five minutes had passed before David summoned up the courage. As Evelyn was engrossed with the view, David reached into his inside pocket where he had put the syringe that was filled with a fatal dose of anaesthetic. He slowly brought up the needle to her neck...but stopped!

“I JUST CAN’T!” he screamed, as he smashed the syringe onto the rocky ground.

Evelyn turned and looked at him with sad eyes. She leant over and kissed him gently on the lips. David held her close with the tears running down his face freely.

“Darling I love you, always have and always will” said Evelyn. She pulled away from David and rummaged in her handbag for a tissue.

“Here, take this” she said handing David a tissue.

David took the tissue and started dabbing his eyes. He felt weak he felt he should be stronger for Evelyn.

As he wiped the tears, Evelyn spoke for the last time......

“Goodbye my darling and please forgive me”

And with those final words, she opened the car door and threw herself out and over the edge of the cliff, down to the rocks below!!

She had found her peace........

Story by Chris Christodoulou 31.03.2018

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