Larnaca Police Station, a painting by Theo Michael

I think they had a bloody nerve questioning us like that...

Art Noir Wall Art by Theo Michael, At The Station


 Patsy and Beth walked briskly away from the Police Station entrance. There was a light wind in the air, but not enough to play havoc with their eccentric taste in hats.

“Do you think they believed us Sis?” asked Patsy.

“Hard to tell Patsy, they weren’t giving anything away” answered Beth.

“Well they did, they gave us these cigarettes,” laughed Patsy.

“Is that my top you’re wearing?” asked Beth irritated that her sister had borrowed her clothes again.

“So! You borrowed my belt,” said Patsy also irritated.

Patsy and Beth were typical sisters, with typical sister arguments, but they loved each sisters.

“So what do you think Beth, were they taken in by our story?” asked Patsy again.

“What’s not to believe? Everything we told them was perfectly feasible,” insisted Beth.

“Well I think they had a bloody nerve questioning us like that,” said Patsy feeling quite angry.

“Is that my scarf you are wearing?” asked Beth only just noticing it around her sisters neck.

“Oh shut up! What does it matter? Anyway God help us if they find out we are lying,” continued Patsy.

“Course they’ll find out, it’s what they do,” said Beth.

“Well if they do, it will be your fault! I mean, fancy telling them we were going to a cookery class! Who goes to a cookery class dressed like us?” asked Patsy as she looked down at her knee length boots and her small cropped top.

“You’re such a know all,” said Beth mockingly.

“Why couldn’t we have just told them the truth?” asked Patsy.

“Because they can’t handle the truth!” said Beth mimicking Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’ and laughing loudly.

Patsy and Beth had crossed the road and were headed for the car park, when suddenly they heard a loud voice:

“Hey! You two, come back here,” ordered the Sergeant as he stood at the Police Station entrance.

 Patsy and Beth turned to look at each other both wide eyed and mouths open.

 “Shit! They have worked it out” said Patsy with a croak in her voice.

They slowly turned around and walked back towards the Station. The Sergeant stood at the entrance with his hands behind his back rocking to and fro. Then he spoke:

“In your rush to get to your cookery class, you left these behind,” said the Sergeant sarcastically and with a big grin on his face. He brought his hands forward and in each hand he held a handbag.

“Er, er, thanks!” said Beth snatching her bag from his hand.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Patsy taking the other.

They both turned in unison and slowly walked away.

“Enjoy your class!” shouted the Sergeant.

The girls lifted their hands in acknowledgement and walked quickly on.

“Blimey, that was close!” said Beth catching her breath.

 They walked in silence for a few yards then Patsy spoke.

“Just realised how smart and important your Paul looks in his uniform and all them stripes,” said Patsy.

“Yeah, he is handsome, and your Adam doesn’t look bad either,” said Beth giggling.

“Yeah we are lucky to have them. Come on or we’ll be late for the party!” said Patsy laughing loudly.

Story by Chris Christodoulou

Here is another short story by our guest writer Chris Christodoulou, accompanying Theo's painting At The Station. Thank you Chris.

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