Lady of the Lake, an oil painting by Theo Michael of Larnaca flamingos

Lady Of The Lake, a story of mystery and wonder...

 Lady of the Lake, an oil painting by Theo Michael of Larnaca flamingos

The air and lake were calm and still
All you could hear was the birds high shrill
The flamingos stood on their matchstick legs
They were feeding on shrimps within the lakes dregs.
I lay on my back and looked up at the sky
Black headed seagulls flying on high
The pink flamingos were down below
They were striking a pose, putting on a show. 
The sun was warm upon my face
As I rested my mind in another place
Then a vision I did see
A beautiful woman appeared to me. 
She was tall and slim and scantily clad
My heart beat faster than it ever had
Her skin looked smooth and very fair
I tried my best not to stare. 
She slowly moved toward the lake
I had to check if I was awake
She wasn’t walking as one would
She was floating... yes she could! 
She stopped at the edge and just stared
Dropping her shawl so her shoulders were bared
She walked right in and with the flamingos she stood
She was standing amongst them, she looked so good.
The flamingos seemed to have no fear
They encircled her front and rear
With their long necks they nuzzled her arms
They appreciated her womanly charms.
Bending and swaying to her gentle touch
They obviously loved her very much
She stroked and she hugged as they stood still
As if hypnotised they did her will.
But that’s not where my story ends
There is more to tell my reader friends
Where three flamingos had once been
Now there were four that could be seen!
No sign of the ‘Lady of the Lake’
Had it all been one big fake?
I stood and turned to walk away
That’s when I heard a flamingo say....
I am the Lady of the Lake
My flamingos I will not forsake
I turned back and looked to see
Who it was that had spoken to me.
A flamingo stood tall and proud
It lifted its wings without a sound
“I’m the Lady of the Lake” it said once more
And into the sky it did soar...


A Poem by Chris Christodoulou 5.02.2018

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Abridged by Anja Michael

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