Cafe Painting Hobo Cafe in Larnaca by Theo Michael featuring a beautiful woman strolling along the seafront palm tree promenade

Take A Walk Along The Palm Tree Promenade In Larnaca

Beautiful towering palm trees, planted in the 1920's, are the landmark of this 600 meter long stretch along the Larnaca seafront.

Foinikoudes (Cypriot Greek for Palm Trees) is how the Cypriots refer to their beloved promenade, a promenade which has plenty to offer, day and night. In addition to the vast array of cafes, bars and restaurants it is flanked by the Larnaca Marina on one end, and a Medieval Castle on the other also known as the Larnaca Fort.

The marina at the start of the promenade offers boat trips to tourists from its pier and is featured in Theo's oil painting of the Boardwalk

The Boardwalk an oil painting from 2008

The Boardwalk an oil painting by Theo Michael of the Larnaca Pier

 The Boardwalk is an atmospheric painting by Theo with a restrained colour palette of warm earthy tones of a windy wintry day. One just wonders what the two guys, engrossed in deep conversation, are up to on their walk. Curious to find out? Read a fictional short story about their plans here.

 A little bit further along the promenade you will reach the setting of Theo's oil painting Balcony With A View. It depicts an elevated view from the many apartments above the restaurants and bars that line the promenade. 

Balcony With A View an oil painting from 2008

Balcony With A View a painting by Theo Michael featuring the Larnaca promenade Theo's iconic painting of Balcony With A View offers a sweeping view across Larnaca's promenade. It is a romantic painting with many Film Noir elements, typical of Theo's painting style.

With their arms entwined the couple evokes a feeling of trust, love and harmony, as well as strength and a shared purpose in their pose. The couple emanate an air of invincibility and you can't help but feel they will share a bright future together. 


Next stop, Hobo Cafe!

Cafes and restaurants seem to come and go at Larnaca's seafront location, but one place that has stood the test of time is Hobo's Cafe, featured in Theo's painting below of The Tradition Continues.

The Tradition Continues a painting in acrylic from 2010

The Tradition Continues a painting by Theo Michael featuring Hobo's Cafe in Larnaca

 Hobo's Cafe has been around for decades and is a well established meeting point for friends and families alike. From old timers to tiny tots, especially at the weekends, you will find all generations getting together for a coffee break or a snack.

Theo's painting of The Tradition Continues shows a more typical male dominated Cypriot scene, a tradition still alive in the villages with male only coffee shops.

What sort of men congregate here in Theo's painting as they watch the beautiful woman float by? Well, read a fictional short story here to find out.


 At the end of the promenade, and just before the Medieval Castle, you will come across another pier which is featured in Theo's painting Time & Tide.

Time and Tide an oil painting from 2013

Time & Tide an oil painting by Theo Michael featuring the Larnaca pier

The acute perspective and the threatening sky underline the tense mood of this oil painting, with a brooding storm on the horizon.

Is this a clandestine meeting between a hit man and his target? Or perhaps two guys dressed up in coats and fedoras reflecting on their lives? 

In reality, you will have to look twice to recognize this pier. It is usually bathed in sunlight with tourists strolling up and down. Would they sport any suits and fedoras? Not really, but you might spot a sunhat instead.

Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative things to do and see in Cyprus.

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Posted by Anja Michael 5th December 2017

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