10 Things To Do In Larnaca, A Stroll Through Larnaca Town Through The Eyes Of An Artist

10 Things To Do In Larnaca, A Stroll Through Larnaca Town Through The Eyes Of An Artist

Larnaca is rich in diversity and a stroll through the town yields many surprises.

Old dilapidated buildings sit next to ultra modern developments. In between you will find ancient treasures reminding us of the rich cultural history of Kition, the ancient City Kingdom of present day Larnaca.

A good starting point for a stroll around Larnaca is the Palm Tree Promenade, stretching over 600 meters from the Marina to the Medieval Castle.  

Strolling On The Promenade an oil painting by Theo from 2009

Art Noir paintings by Theo Michael, Strolling on the Promenade in Larnaca

Theo captured the flair of Larnaca's promenade in an unusual way in his painting Strolling On The Promenade. No sunshine, no bathers, instead you are presented with a windswept scene of a rainy autumn day. It is a moody painting in Theo's familiar Art Noir style, capturing the nostalgic and cinematic air of Hollywood, or perhaps the French Riviera, of the previous century.

Find out what happens to the couple after their stroll... Click here to read a short fictional story that was inspired by this painting.


 Pure summer sunshine greets you with the painting Artist At Her Easel, a private dwelling that shows the British colonial influence on the island's architecture.

 Artist At Her Easel an oil painting by Theo from 2015

Mediterranean oil painting by Theo Michael, Artist At Her Easel

 You will find many such handsome buildings in the Larnaca area if you direct your walk away from the promenade past the usual tourist's shops. Roman style columns and arched covered patios create shady verandas where you will often see Cypriots idling time away on their front porches.

The above painting was a commission by the owner of the building. Theo added a fun and personal touch by including a female painter in the foreground, painting a painting within a painting.

An element of humour is also clearly present in Theo's oil painting of Serenade below, picturing two slightly intoxicated musicians, serenading the love of their life. 

 Serenade an oil painting by Theo from 2012

Romantic Wall Art by Theo Michael, Serenade, inspired by Carl Spitzweg

 Serenade was inspired by the German romanticist painter Carl Spitzweg, who had an ingenious knack of presenting the middle class of 19th century Germany in a satirical and humorous way.

The building itself is a typical older style dwelling. You will find many such buildings within the Larnaca area, some beautifully restored, and others in much need of tender loving care. 


Heading back towards our starting point of Larnaca's Palm Tree Promenade, you will pass the handsome building below, as you enter the Promenade from the Marina end.

 At The Station an oil painting by Theo Michael from 2008

Art Noir painting by Theo Michael of Larnaca Police Station

 This unique building featured in Theo's painting was built during the British colonial rule and serves as Larnaca's Divisional Police head quarters, in short, our local Police Station.

Much speculation has been made with regards to the role and destination of the two ladies in the foreground, ranging from Ladies of the Night to undercover Agents.

We leave it up to the viewer to decide.

Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative things to do and see in Cyprus.

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posted by Anja Michael 13th September 2017

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