Escape the Larnaca heat and head for a cooler mountain breeze

Escape the Larnaca heat and head for a cooler mountain breeze

Our art blog on 10 Things To Do In Larnaca takes us a little further afield this week. Escape the Larnaca summer heat and head into the Cyprus mountains for a cooler breeze.

Troodos Trail an oil painting by Theo from 2009.

Theo's painting Troodos Trail represents the nature path leading to the Caledonia Waterfall Fall near the village of Platres in the Troodos Mountains. The waterfall is impressive and beautiful, and for nature lovers, a must site to visit whilst in Cyprus.

Troodos Trail shows the nature trail in an eerie and fairy tale like atmosphere, not unlike Tolkien's world of Lord Of The Rings. Each time you look at the painting a new pair of eyes, faces or limbs appear to be reaching out for you. Rest assured you will not bump into any Orks or Hobbits on your hike.

Mediterranean Cyprus landscape paintings by Theo Michael, Troodos Trail
Troodos Trail


The Caledonia Waterfall can be reached by foot following a downward trail from the B8 north of the fall, or from the south starting in the village of Platres. Head towards the Trout Farm Psilo Dendro and follow a 30 minute uphill trail to reach the Waterfall. The complete trail  is about 3 km long and sturdy footwear is recommended.
The downward trail is breathtakingly beautiful, it follows the stream until it reaches the waterfall, you will cross it numerous times as the path winds down alongside the stream. 

 Here is a map to find the Caledonia Falls

Much warmer in tone and atmosphere is Theo's painting Tapestry, picturing a woodland scene in the Troodos Mountains. 

Tapestry an oil painting by Theo from 2011

Mediterranean landscape paintings by Theo Michael, Tapestry

Tapestry is a typical woodland landscape for the mountain area of Cyprus, and it is the myriad use of colour that prompted the name for the painting. An autumnal scene with a pebbled path leading you to a hidden and secret destination, warm, welcoming and inviting.  

Car With A View an oil painting by Theo from 2011

 After having cooled off in the mountains head back down towards Limassol and enjoy the breathtaking view over Kourion Beach in the Episkopi bay area. 

Romantic Art Noir paintings by Theo Michael, Car With A View
Car With A View

It is not only the Blue Flag beach of Kourion that is the attraction in this area. Almost right behind our two stars in Theo's painting of Car With The View, you will find one of the island's most famous archaeological sites, ancient Kourion, a city Kingdom from the past, with its centre piece being the restored Greco-Roman theatre. The amphitheatre is presently used for open-air theatrical and musical performances, making it an exceptional and unique venue for the island.

Temple Of Apollo an oil painting by Theo from 2013 

Mediterranean Cyprus landscape paintings by Theo Michael, Temple Of Apollo
Temple Of Apollo

2.5 kilometres to the west of Ancient Kourion you will find the Sanctuary of Apollo pictured in Theo's painting Temple Of Apollo.

Originally this painting was titled The Power And The Glory as the acute perspective brings out a majestic touch of grandeur in this monument. 

As a cultural site for Cyprus Ancient Kourion is a must visit on your bucket list.

Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative things to do and see in Cyprus.

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posted by Anja Michael August 26, 2017

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