Moonlight Dancers an oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

Let's Hit The Beach For A Moonlight Dance

Through the eyes of an artist, here are a few beach destinations not to be missed when visiting Cyprus.

Moonlight Dancers an oil painting from 2017Moonlight Dancers, a fine art print by the artist Theo Michael

Sometimes it is not a question of where but when to head for the beach. A midnight dip into the sea is the perfect antidote to the stifling summer heat. Swimming under the stars, perhaps with a full moon tinting the water's surface, can hardly be beaten as a summertime adventure. Trust me and add this experience to your bucket list. You know what they say, the best things in life are free.

Theo's painting Moonlight Dancers has captured the mood of this night time scene beautifully. A violinist silhouetted against the dark blue sky, playing whilst the couple dance their dance of dreams, an expression of happiness and joy.

Sea of Love an oil painting from 2017 Sea Of Love a fine art print by the artist Theo Michael

If night time beach visits are not your thing, head over to the beach restaurant Mer Bleue, a place which inspired Theo's painting Sea of Love. With some artistic license Theo caught the flavour of this restaurant; such as the magnificent view towards the sea, and the billowing transparent curtains lit by the mid day sun. It is a romantic painting that befits the enviable setting right by the beach. The gramophone adds nostalgia and compliments the glamorous couple who look like two Hollywood movie stars, posing for a shoot in a Film Noir style movie.

Indeed the location of this fish restaurant is its greatest asset. It is literally a stones throw away from the water, with only about a 2 meter wide concrete walk way separating the diners from the splashing waves.

How to find this beach and the restaurant Mer Bleue?

Mer Bleue is located in Oroklini, about 7 kilometres to the East of Larnaca. It sits at the beginning of a narrow promenade that stretches from the restaurant past the Princess Hotel, the Palm Beach hotel, several other small beach bars to the Gold Fish restaurant.The promenade is about 900 meters long and towards the end of this walkway you will reach the area that inspired Theo's painting Reflections.

Reflections an oil painting from 2010Reflections, an oil painting by Theo Michael

You will need some imagination to spot this location on the promenade in Oroklini. The bridge has been removed, the water feature has been filled with rocks, and a retired little ship sits now of top of the stones. It is still a pretty sight that serves as a beautiful backdrop to the adjacent beach. The end of this 900 meter long promenade is marked by a similarly shaped bridge that leads to the Yanathes beach an eco-friendly beach that has been awarded Blue Flag status.

How to find Yanathes beach?

Along this described stretch of Larnaca Bay you will have access to plenty of useful facilities such as showers, toilets, changing rooms, sun loungers, umbrellas, food & drink, water sports and life guard services. Combined with shallow waters these facilities make this an ideal family destination.

If you prefer a more trendy and lively destination head for Nissi beach instead.The two following paintings were inspired by the young and beautiful of Ayia Napa's Nissi Beach.

Endless Summer The Girls, mixed media on paper 

Endless Summer The Boys, mixed media on paper 

Lively music, soft sand and turquoise clear crystal water will greet you at this beach. Needless to say it offers all the above mentioned facilities. We can not guarantee that you will bump into these handsome guys and girls, but if you are looking for a young and trendy destination, this is the place for you.

How to find Nissi beach?

A bit closer to Larnaca and just as fashionable is Mackenzie Beach with all the aforementioned facilities.

How to find Mackenzie beach?

What ever your choice of beach, time or destination, it is the element of fun that shouldn't be missed on your outing. So don't forget to pack the beach ball, snorkel and perhaps a chess set like these guys in Theo's painting of the Chess Players.  

The Chess Players, an oil painting from 2009 

Four guys are gathered around a game of chess by the beach. It is the sky brewing up a storm in the distance that underlines the mood and creates the tension in this scene. A chess game with consequences. 

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Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative places to visit in Cyprus.

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