Spitfire an Edward Hopper inspired oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

From Edward Hopper to Jack Vettriano, an artistic journey along the Larnaca coast

Through the eyes of an artist, let's take a drive along the Larnaca coast to seek out a few alternative places whilst visiting Cyprus.

Spitfire an oil painting by Theo Michael from 2008
Spitfire an oil painting Theo Michael in the style of Edward Hopper

 They say art inspires art and this is clearly evident in Theo's painting of a lone figure filling her car at a petrol station just outside Larnaca. If you are familiar with the American realist painter Edward Hopper, you may see a resemblance in the feeling of solitude and the use of vibrant colours in both artists' painting styles.
Well, this spectacular setting of the Petrol Station isn't remote at all. Head for the coastal road leading out of Larnaca towards the East, the Dhekelia Road, and you will spot the Agip Petrol station right next to the sea in less than 5 kilometres. This surely must be the most stylish setting to fuel your car, ready to continue your artistic journey.

The Picnic Basket an oil painting from 2014
oil painting The Picnic Basket by Theo Michael, featuring Dhekelia road beach front

Right along from the Agip Petrol station you will find this pleasant beach, pictured above in Theo's painting of The Picnic Basket.  Even though this painting was inspired by Edouard Manet's work Le Dejeuner Sur L'herbe it still shows the Hopper influence through the use of strong contrasts of light and shade, and the element of voyeurism accentuated by the nude figure in the foreground. 
I cannot guarantee that you will bump into these guys and girls pictured above, the bright orange juice/coffee bar has also disappeared from this area, but this stretch of beach just outside Larnaca is none the less  a very attractive and popular destination. Frequented by many local people it is an ideal spot for picnics and barbecues right by the sea, as you'll be able to take your car right on to the beach.

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Lady Of The Lake an oil painting from 2016

oil painting Lady Of The Lake by Theo Michael, featuring Oroklini lake in Larnaca

To continue your artistic journey, carry on driving on the Dhekelia Road for a couple of minutes. When you see the Fire Station on the left take that turn following the sign post towards Oroklini.  After a few hundred meters you will reach the small nature reserve of Oroklini Lake.
Incorporating strong contrasts of light and shade, Theo has captured the beauty of this idyllic spot in his painting Lady Of The Lake. 
A wooden information kiosk provides a shaded and raised outlook over the wetland and towards Oroklini Hill.

The area is small in size, but makes up for it with its richness in wildlife, making it the perfect spot for bird watchers.

How to find the Oroklini Lake


 The final destination of your artistic journey will take you on top of the world, well almost, the hill top of Oroklini Park does come close with its magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Cheers an oil painting from 2017

oil painting Cheers by Theo Michael, featuring Oroklini Hill Park in Larnaca

To get to the top of the hill follow the road into Oroklini village. You'll know you are on the right track when you notice how the road gains little by little in altitude. Once you reach a T junction in the heart of the Village turn left and immediately right. On the left you will see a road taking a steep climb up a hill, leading to the Oroklini Park. If you want to give your heart a good workout and give your leg muscles a challenge, park you car here and carry on by foot. With a brisk stride you will reach the summit in about 10 minutes.

Reaching the top by car or by foot will not be a disappointment. You will find a well maintained picnic area with barbecue facilities, wooden benches, shade and a playground, but the real attraction is the panoramic vista from up here.
The views over the village and towards the see are spectacular, especially as the sun sets and the village is starting to light up beneath you.

Theo caught this moment beautifully in his painting Cheers. A cinematic and atmospheric scene, not unlike a Jack Vettriano painting, featuring real people in believable situations.  One just wonders what the characters in their suits are planning.

So don't forget to prepare some provisions and arrive at the top in style, just like the guys in Theo's painting Cheers. 

 How to find the Oroklini Park and View Point


Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative things to do and see in Cyprus.

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