Dining Out in Larnaca from an artist's point of view

Dining Out in Larnaca from an artist's point of view

John, a customer, started this some time ago. Let me explain. John was intrigued by Theo's choice of subject matter and he decided to seek out all the locations pictured in Theo's paintings first hand, giving us the idea for this blog. 

Through the eyes of an artist here are some prominent Larnaca restaurants featured, well worth your visit.  

Here Is Looking At You an oil painting by Theo Michael from 2014.Marzano Restaurant in Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

 Our personal favourite of eating places in Larnaca is the Italian restaurant Marzano; a busy place that opens for lunch through to late in the evening. Featured in this artwork is the front entrance of the restaurant, and as often found in Theo's paintings, it is the strong contrast of dark and light that brings this artwork to life.

For the diners clever lighting creates a beautiful ambience inside the restaurant, enhanced by the decor on the walls. Well, we would say this of course, as the Wall Art featured in Marzano's was created by Theo Michael. 

As for the food, two words, simply delicious. Always freshly prepared and cooked to your requirements. The Italian menu is varied and original, whether you are after an authentic pasta dish, a juicy burger, a quinoa salad, or a filet steak, you will not be disappointed. 

How to find the restaurant?  Marzano is not far from the seafront promenade in Larnaca, take a look at this map: Marzano restaurant map


 Not far from Marzanos, and where art plays a prominent role in the design and theme of the eating place, is the Art Cafe 1900. Theo's painting Nightlife features an internal scene of the place, with the owner behind the bar and a couple in the foreground. This monochrome painting was originally the understudy for a future oil painting, but it proved so popular, and as the acrylic work sold, the full colour oil painting never happened. Just as well, it would have been a mammoth task to capture all the details in the background. 

 Nightlife an oil painting from 2014The Art Cafe 1900 in Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

 The Art Cafe is a truly original and unique place, something you would probably find nowhere else. It is full of artwork, memorabilia and mementos that have accumulated over time, creating history and telling plenty of stories. From signed record covers, movie posters to an old cinema projector, there is plenty of stuff to get excited about. 

 The Art Cafe consists of two floors, upstairs is the restaurant that offers traditional Cypriot food, and downstairs you will find a bar with an impressive range of beers and whiskeys at your disposal. Also worth noting is the amazing eclectic choice of music that is played in the bar area, from blues to rock and anything in between. 

How to find the  Art Cafe 1900? Take a look at this map:  The Art Cafe 1900 Bar & Restaurant.


Also a study in acrylic is the triptych of The Tradition Continues featured below; another painting that started out as an understudy and never reached the oil painting stage. For many viewers it typifies the laid-back Greek male mentality of idling time away at a coffee shop and watching the world, or should I rather say the beautiful women, pass by. 

The Tradition Continues an acrylic painting from 2010Hobo Cafe & Restaurant in Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

 Hobo's Cafe is located on the main seafront promenade of Larnaca. You could say it has become some kind of institution for Larnaca. Cafes, bars and restaurants come and go on the promenade, but Hobo's Cafe stood the test of time. Many returning visitors to Cyprus remember it from several decades ago. 
Hobo's Cafe is popular with families and a hub of activity on Sundays.Treat yourself to a frappe or perhaps a cocktail and watch the time go by, or perhaps choose a snack or meal from the extensive menu.
How to find Hobo's Cafe? Take a look at this map: Hobo's Cafe In Larnaca


 For authentic atmosphere of a traditional Cypriot Taverna and value for money, you can hardly beat the well established Vlachos Tavern. This taverna is located outside of Larnaca to the East, and well worth the 15 minute drive from Larnaca town.
As a memento Theo was asked by the owner to create an oil painting of the restaurant because they were moving their business across the road. Taverna At Night is the happy outcome and it now proudly hangs in their new establishment amongst other paintings from Theo's catalogue.
Taverna At Night inspired one of our short stories and if you want to find out what happens to our lonely diner at the restaurant, head over to our short story blog here: Am I pitiful for contemplating this blind date....

 Taverna At Night an oil painting from 2016Vlachos Tavern in Larnaca, an oil painting by Theo Michael

Vlachos Tavern excels in their service and professionalism. During the summer months it gets extremely busy and you may want to make a reservation beforehand if you are planning a special trip. If you are looking for authentic Greek hospitality this is the place to visit. 

How to find Vlachos Tavern? Take a look at this map: Vlachos Tavern

Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative things to do and see in Cyprus.

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