Cafe At Night an oil painting by Theo Michael, inspired by the Art Cafe in Larnaca

An Alternative Guide To Shopping In Larnaca

Through the eyes of an artist, here are some alternative shopping destinations in Larnaca not to be missed.  

Cafe At Night, oil painting from 2015.Cafe At Night, an oil painting by Theo Michael

No, the painting above is not a shopping destination, but the adjacent antique shop certainly is.
The painting features the bar and restaurant of the Art Cafe 1900, which is located in a side street in the centre of Larnaca. The frontage of the building is beautifully lit at night, and to enhance the mood, Theo took some artistic liberty and added a couple of tables with customers to the scene. This romantic and nostalgic setting reflects the memorabilia and antique Knick-Knacks that you can find in the antique shop next door, The Collectors Inn. It offers an eclectic collection that invites to browse and lose oneself, perhaps it will evoke some forgotten memories, or offer you a unique memento to take home. If you love old bric-a-brac and little gems, seek out this unique place in the centre of Larnaca.

How to find the Collectors Inn and the Art Cafe 1900  

Just around the corner from the Collectors Inn you will reach the main shopping street of Larnaca, Zinonos Kitieos Street.

Shopping At Bershka, oil painting from 2007Shopping At Bershka in Larnaca, an original oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

Theo's painting Shopping At Bershka depicts the majestic frontage of this clothing store chain on Zinonos Kitieos Street. It is located towards the end of this Street, a shopping street with local independent stores, as well as high street chain stores such as Marks & Spencers, Zara and Top Shop etc. Zinonos Kitieos Street runs parallel to the seafront promenade of Larnaca with further side roads and squares offering plenty of shopping and culinary experiences in the town centre.

The painting below, Blowing In The Wind, also features architecture in this area (You will find it opposite the clothing store Zara). It depicts a typical night time scene of Theo's, in the sense that it is reminiscent of a movie still which contains strong Film Noir elements. The light from the shopping windows illuminate the wet road, and a dark figure, smoking, walks the street, almost alone, on a windswept night. One might wonder what the story is behind the characters in the painting.

How to find Zinonos Kitieos St. and the town centre of Larnaca?
When heading for the shops in Larnaca please note that most shops are closed on Wednesday afternoons.

Blowing In The Wind, oil painting from 2010Blowing In The Wind, an Art Noir oil painting by the artist Theo Michael

The one who says shopping is only fun for material things, has not enjoyed searching out the fresh taste of locally harvested fruit.

The Melon Seller, oil painting from 2010

The Melon Seller an original oil painting by Theo Michael

Starting some time in May and lasting into August you may spot many chaps, with their vans, offering their watermelons in the streets of Cyprus. Theo's oil painting of The Melon Seller was inspired by a vendor just outside to the east of Larnaca on the Dekelia road. 

It is the strong contrasts of shade and light which lend atmosphere and charm to the painting. Theo captured the relaxed Cypriot way of life beautifully, and if you want to know the story behind our melon man, take a look at our fictional short story of The Melon Seller here.

 Whatever time of year you visit Cyprus there is always fresh fruit to be enjoyed.
By no means complete, this is a list of my personal favourites here on this island. Seasonal fruit that can hardly be beaten for its freshness and richness in flavour, something you will only find with locally grown produce. Look out for awesome local fresh figs appearing soon from late July.

Apricots  May-June

Cherries  June

Watermelons  May - August 

Figs  August - November

Pomegranates  September - October

Bananas  September - March

Grapefruits  October - March

Where to buy local produce?
Apart from fruit vendors in the streets you will find local produce in the supermarkets and in independent Fruit & Veg shops. But also look out for the weekly Saturday morning farmers' market in Larnaca which offers seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.
Here is a Map to the Larnaca Saturday morning Market

Stay tuned for more painting inspirations featuring alternative places to visit in Cyprus.

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