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Painters like Jack Vettriano

Romance Isn't Dead an oil painting

Do you sometimes get asked the same question over and over again? You have only just met this person, but you can see how this question formulates in their mind. Of course you act surprised when it hits you, and you pretend it is the first time you ever heard it.

You reply something like, ‘really, do you think so?

This perennial question that I am asked, perhaps at least once a month, more often sounds like an accusation than a question.

Do you know? You paint just like that Scottish artist Jack Vettriano!’ It goes.

Of course, sometimes this statement is meant as a compliment, but more often it is probing and even a slight derogatory. I ignore the tone and accept it as a compliment, remarking that I am flattered, which is true.

You paint just like Jack Vettriano...

I have never met Jack Vettriano, but I admire him as a painter. He has created beautiful and iconic paintings and you can see why he became a household name.

Oil paintings by Theo Michael

I am not sure if I agree with the above question entirely, but it is easy to understand why one would think there is a similarity to our work. Jack Vettriano and I are probably similar in age. I suspect we share similar tastes in music, as one of his paintings is titled after a Leonard Cohen song. I would guess he is also a cinema fan, in particular the works of Alfred Hitchcock and the Film Noir genre. And with regards to painterly influences, I suspect he is very familiar with the works of Edward Hopper too.

Working Jack Vettriano Style?

In people’s eyes, our art work is very similar, and on occasion I have been asked to work in Jack Vettriano’s style. As money talks, I am not ashamed to admit I  accepted commissions. On two occasions, the paintings were of a boudoir nature, featuring the buyers in the painting....

Another request was very specific, to create a painting close to Jack Vettriano's Singing Butler. 

Here are some initial watercolour sketches for this project. I favoured to include the two violinists, but sadly that idea was rejected. Further below you will see the final oil painting from this commission. 

Homage To The Singing Butler, an oil painting from 2018

The final painting  is now used as an umbrella design, produced by the German company Von Lilienfeld. Take a look at our gift shop for this umbrella range and other gift ideas.

Two oil paintings featuring the Art Cafe 1900 in Larnaca 

On closer inspection you will notice my paintings often feature more detailed background and architecture. Jack more often than not uses one point perspective. I frequently use two point perspective and more oblique angles, perhaps a little bit more like Edward Hopper.

The Art Cafe 1900 in Larnaca Cyprus, an oil painting of the interior and exterior by Theo Michael

I also tend to include my local environment which differs greatly from Jack Vettriano's. The paintings above, Nightlife and  Cafe At Night feature the interior and exterior of a local bar and restaurant in Cyprus, the Art Cafe 1900 in Larnaca. 

But if the old adage 'the customer is always right' holds water, and I am to be known as the Greek Jack Vettriano, who am I to disagree.

Theo Michael at work in his studio in Larnaca, Cyprus

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