Film Noir captured in art

Art Noir is an artistic interpretation inspired by the Film Noir genre.
These Noir paintings speak to our inherent passion we have for the darker side of romance. They ask us to imagine a world that scares us, but also exhilarates us.
Noir paintings to fall in love with, noir paintings you will want to live with.

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Noir Art for your living room

Theo's noir style artwork has been strongly influenced by the cinema. His paintings are often reminiscent of old classic movie posters and always tell a story. You will recognise many Film Noir aspects in Theo’s wall art, such as a sultry femme fatale and reluctant heroes, often clad in trench coats, suits and fedoras.
The use of shadow and light creates suspense and intensity in Theo’s Art Noir paintings, evoking feelings of nostalgia which will add mystery and timeless style to your home.

5 out of 5 stars BLOWN AWAY ***** ’’This picture had so many questions for us. Who is the lady? Why is she dressed in masculine attire? Where did the cat come from and why is it out on the street ? Then on visiting Theo's studio all became clear, when we purchased a copy of his book ( Every wall needs a story) Challenge your own imagination and be prepared for surprises.''

20th January 2019, Mike Walters, UK on Blowing In The Wind

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