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All the doors pictured in Theo's paintings can be found within the Larnaca area of Cyprus. They depict private homes as well as entrances of restaurants and bars. You can read all about the locations of Theo's paintings in our blog 10 Things To Do In Larnaca

5 out of 5 stars AN AFTERNOON WITH THEO ***** ’’A memory to treasure along with the 3 prints we purchased. An artist , gentleman and perfect host. Whether in THE CAFE AT NIGHT , ROMANCE IS NOT DEAD or WHITE DOOR, Theo's love of his art and subjects shines through. Thank you for talent and hospitality.’’

26th November 2018, Mike W. from UK on Cafe At Night

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Creating a Mediterranean Blue Door Painting

When Theo decides on a new landscape or door project, he is looking for more than just painting another traditional Blue Door. His Mediterranean landscapes and doors are about creating a pleasing composition of architecture and greenery, but ultimately it is about capturing the effects of summer light on his chosen subject and translating this onto the canvas. 

It is the strong contrast of light and shade that bring Theo's Mediterranean paintings to life.

Take a look over the artist's shoulder in this short video below to see the creation of Cyprus Blue Door 11am