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 Unique Gift Ideas art inspired by Theo Michael 

Unique gift ideas inspired by Theo Michael's original artwork

If you are looking for a truly unique present, for yourself or someone special, look no further. Add Mediterranean sunshine to your home with our stylish place mats, place mats featuring authentic Cyprus blue doors. 

Looking for protection from the rain or sun?
Step out in style with a unique art design umbrella and a matching silk scarf around your shoulders. Choose the vibrant colours of Homage to The Singing Butler or the muted hues of The Beach Quartet. Perhaps you are in a romantic mood? Choose Romance Isn't Dead for your scarf, umbrella or spectacle case. 

Enjoy browsing our art inspired gift ideas and take your Cyprus memory home with you.

5 out of 5 stars

Quality Product *****

’’This is the most stylish umbrella I have ever bought Not only does it have a brilliant picture on it by the greatest artist in Cyprus but it’s sturdy and easy to use’’

8th March 2019, Sandra Naughton. from UK on Romance Isn't Dead Folding Umbrella

Fed up with the harsh realities of today, then this book is for you.

A book full of short stories that will surprise, entertain and touch your soul. But it is not just the stories that will capture your mind. Also the beautiful oil paintings accompanying each tale transform this book into something unique and special. Now available on Kindle as an e-book via Amazon, click here to order.

Unique Gift Ideas


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