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Fine Art Prints by Theo Michael

Theo's nostalgic style and romantic narrative translates into beautiful paintings, capturing love and life. Original artwork, reproduced on canvas and fine art paper, adding a timeless and classic feel to your living room.
In his studio, on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is where Theo creates his unique artwork.  He is passionate about his painting ideas, focusing on mood and atmosphere. For him it is all about telling a story and bringing his painting ideas to life.

Romantic paintings inspired by the cinema and the Cyprus landscape

Lighting is instrumental to create a desired effect; you will find plenty of contrast of light and shade in Theo's paintings, not only in his figurative cinematic Fine Art Prints, but also in his landscape paintings, in particular his Mediterranean Cyprus Blue Doors.

Paintings about love and life

Explore unique artwork that simply makes you feel good.
Theo's paintings celebrate a world of how he would like it to be, and if you are a romantic and nostalgic cinema buff, you will find his art hard to resist. If you happen to be in Cyprus, visit the studio. If not, explore the extensive catalogue of Cyprus and London inspired paintings here.

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