Every Wall Needs A Story.... it's competition time.

Every Wall Needs A Story.... it's competition time.

Do you have a talent for writing? Then this competition is for you.

Win a canvas reproduction of your choice, worth 195.00 Euros!

Theo’s paintings connect with many people and we’ve heard plenty of stories over the years from our friends and customers. Proposals, secret rendezvous and clandestine encounters in the dark were just some of the schemes.
If any of the following four images speak to you and conjure up a story in your mind, share your plot with us here in this blog, nothing fancy just a few paragraphs.
Each story that you post will count as a separate entry to win a canvas print of your choice.

Post your story here below as a comment for either:

Balcony With A View


Meet Johnnie Walker

Sea Of Love

If nothing comes to mind, don’t worry, next week we will choose four more images for you to get creative.
For inspiration read Barbara Strain’s story for The Evening Stroll here.

So once upon a time a long long time ago.....  well, now it’s over to YOU!

And for the finer detail:
This competition will be open until the 31st of August 2016. A winner will be drawn and announced here in this blog the first week of September. 

The winner of this competition is Neil Smith from Middlesex UK.
Thank you for your fabulous entry.

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Meet Johnnie Walker …. Just lift the hat ..did I hurt you so badly ? …can you no longer look at me ? …I made a mistake and I am truly sorry I hurt you can you forgive me … I see you have your favourite tipple to hand ..has anything changed ? … You loved me once …just raise the hat and let your eyes tell me you love me no longer and I will leave you to your Johnnie Walker …and your shadow can watch me walk away …please my love lift the hat ….

Jennifer Douse

I was just a child when we first met. Still at school and he already a respected businessman.
We were on holiday, my parents and I, on a beautiful Mediterranean island. There was a smell of gardenias in the air and the breeze was warm and soothing on my cheek.
We were introduced.
I looked at him with adoring admiration, he cast me a glance but not really acknowledging me.
Why should he?
And now here we were, about to meet again 10 years later. Same island, same scent, same breeze, but two very different people.
The moment came when our eyes met and my heart melted. His eyes remained kind but expressionless.
I was desolate.
Then he suddenly turned with a flicker of recognition and said, “Is it really you?”
And as we gazed down on that very place where we met all those years ago, his eyes said it all.

LIsa Kalaydjian

Heres my story
Her mind flew away, she felt his hand on her waist. The money she would take made her feel anxious and restless. The deed too. The Don was clear, Gabini had to die, he saw too much. She felt his breath, “a cold minded killer she thought” " it would do the world some good to get rid of him"…. And yet she felt hesitant..the night spend before played back and forth in her mind…" Come on Suzan you are a pro" she thought. “I want to rest a bit” she heard herself saying, “lets go back to the hotel” . Her mind flew to the beretta in her bag, she stared at him. He was still staring at the sea " sure gorgeous" he mumbled, his eyes green, his face solid, handsome " a good looking man" she thought, " i wont shoot him on the face" her thought was scary even to her. SHe took a deep breath, soon it would be over, she thought. She felt the breeze on her cheeks, looked back at him, he was still lost in his thoughts….


I justfind all of the people you depict in your paintings so very real and appealing, especially the men and their attire. AND definitely the hats!! I LOVE them. Thats my romantic side showing x


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