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Gift Ideas

2017 Calendar
14 images of Theo's artwork are featured in this new calendar for 2017, starting January 2017 through to February 2018. 

Theo's Book, Romance Isn't Dead
In 2005 Theo found himself at a loose end - not old enough to retire, but too old to consider looking for further employment and he decided to become an artist. After buying some oil paints, brushes and a how to paint book he embarked on his new career.This is his story on 158 pages with over 50 colour images.

Gift boxed greeting card sets
Love someone, send a greeting card... All greeting cards are presented in a gift box with white envelopes in packs of six. Choose a set of varied images, or six of the same design.The front of each card features an image of Theo’s original artwork. The inside is left blank for your personal message.

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