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Watercolour sketch, Kleftiko Is Served

Watercolour sketch, Kleftiko Is Served

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Kleftiko Is Served, a watercolour sketch by Theo Michael

Most Cyprus fans will be familiar with the traditional dish of Kleftiko, which means 'stolen' and the word for thief is Kleftis in Greek. The name of the dish refers to an ancient practise of goats or sheep being stolen, and for the meat to be cooked for several hours in a hole in the ground. The hole was sealed with mud to prevent any smoke from giving the 'Kleftis' away.

Kleftiko Is Served is a  is a unique piece of artwork, painted on 300gsm lightly textured watercolour paper.
Paper size: 37cm x 50cm   Image size approx: 32cm x 40cm

This original piece of artwork will arrive securely flat packed. Please note the artwork is unframed at the moment.

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